30 Spooky Halloween Gift Basket Ideas for Boyfriends (2023)

Now that fall is coming that means it’s time to find the best spooky gift basket ideas for your boyfriend this Halloween. From entire pre-made baskets to halloween gifts you can add to a DIY basket, I’ve got tons of ideas.

Try some of the best spooky basket ideas you can put together yourself or change based on your boyfriend’s favorite halloween treats! All you need for the perfect halloween basket is a small halloween themed gift, something spooky, and some sweet treats! There’s really something for everyone out there. 

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Buy a basket that’s already made for you

This list includes some gift baskets that you can order already complete and ready to gift. These are wonderful options for anyone not looking to make anything themselves, anyone who doesn’t want to bake or shop, anyone short on time.  Or maybe one of these pre-made baskets just fits your boyfriend perfectly. 

​Make your own gift basket

Alternatively, you can put together your own special gift that’s both personal and flexible. Choose some of the halloween gift ideas from the list and create your own halloween gift basket for your boyfriend. Or you can use the pre-made baskets for a little inspiration to make a copycat version. 

Either way, there’s tons of great options on the list to choose from. And maybe you’ll even find something for your own halloween basket. 

Check out my best unique halloween gift baskets and the best items to add to any basket for a personal touch. And you can do all the online shopping while you watch Hocus Pocus and drink your pumpkin spice coffee to get into the halloween spirit! 

1. DIY Basket of their Favorite Candies

Halloween candy is a staple, and the holiday is all about sweet treats of all kinds. If you’re looking for a simple, but personal halloween basket ideas, put together their favorite candy in a basic pumpkin pail. You can even repurpose an Easter basket.

2. Sweet Treat Gift Basket

In addition to a candy gift basket, you can always put together a gift basket with some of your boyfriend’s favorite things to eat. Besides candy, think of the other sweet treats that are his favorite that you could make yourself or get from a local bakery. Cookies, caramel apples, and chocolates are all great ideas. 

3. Pumpkin Cake Pops

Halloween is the perfect time to break out your baking skills! These pumpkin cake pops are the perfect gift to add to any halloween basket. Cake pops seem intimidating, but they are not as hard as they look (and the taste makes up for any that don’t look as nice as the pictures). 

4. Halloween Cake Pops

Add these other halloween cake pops to your treat basket as well! Your boyfriend will love all the homemade treats even more than halloween candy. Check out these fun halloween treats that anyone can make. 

5. Pumpkin Cookies

While you’re putting together your treat basket, pumpkin cookies are the perfect way (and the most delicious) to round out the gift basket. Cookies are always a great addition to any gift basket, especially if your boyfriend has a sweet tooth. 

6. Halloween Treat Basket

If you’re not a baker yourself, try this delicious and spooky box of gourmet goodies for the perfect halloween gift basket. The spooky treats are just what everyone wants, and chocolate is always a good idea.

halloween gift basket with chocolates and snacks

7. Fun Halloween Socks

Who doesn’t love cozy socks? And these are extra fun to have for Halloween. You can even get matching pairs together for your halloween parties or movie night in togther.

8. Horror Movie T-shirt

This is a great gift idea for all the scary movie lovers out there. They can even where it all year around if they are really into horror movies. This t-shirt is the perfect addition to any halloween-themed basket. 

9. Movie Night Basket

If you do have a horror movie buff on your hands, try ordering this movie night basket and include your boyfriend’s favorite movie. Or you can make your own movie basket for a fun halloween movie date night. Include all your favorite candy and drinks, and don’t forget the popcorn! 

10. Horror Movie Gift Basket

Here’s one of my spookiest gift basket ideas for all the classic horror fans! You can get some fun treats and a halloween themed cup with a pumpkin candy pail.  Then use them all as you find your favorite scary movies online. 

11. Skull Ice Cube Tray

Add this skull ice cube trays to any halloween drink themed basket. Grab some of your boyfriend’s favorite drinks (check down the list for halloween themed ones!), cups, and these ice cubes!

ice cube skeleton

12. Skull Coffee Mug

Check out this awesome skeleton mug to add to a coffee lovers halloween gift basket. Or maybe your boyfriend is a tea drinker. Either way, they’ll love this mug on Halloween.

13. Pumpkin Spice Coffee

After you get the skull mug, try this pumpkin spice coffee for the coffee lovers. Nothing says ‘Happy Halloween’ like pumpkin spice coffee in a skull mug. Try this one out together! 

14. Skeleton Hat

Here’s a spooky but practical addition that your boyfriend will actually want to wear. This is a fun way to include gifts that are not edible in a halloween gift basket for boyfriends that like to wear hats. 

15. Halloween Theme Relax Basket

This is a complete halloween themed gift basket for all the men that need a little relaxing time! There’s halloween candles, candies, soap, and more! This is a unique gift for boyfriends that love Halloween and also love to be pampered from time to time.

16. Halloween Sweatshirt

This is the perfect choice for the halloween season because it’s low effort, and your boyfriend can wear it anytime. Or if he’s in quick need of a costume! Pair it with the fuzzy socks on the list and create a cozy themed halloween basket for a nice night in together. 

pumpkin face sweatshirt

17. Meat Gift Basket

Instead of candy this year, get your boyfriend the snacks they really want-all kinds of meat. You can get this one or make your own with their favorite gourmet treats. Or other little things they like to eat.

18. Halloween Pajamas

This is a great addition to any halloween gift basket that you can use halloween night. You could even get a matching pair together! Add these to your cozy themed basket for a relaxing movie night or cozy night after all the halloween festivities. 

19. Pumpkin Spice Moonshine

For all the boyfriends over 21, you can make a fun halloween drinking themed gift basket. And the base of the gift basket can be this pumpkin spiced moonshine! I cannot vouch for the taste, but this will take your boyfriend’s spooky basket to the next level. 

20. Dead Guy Ale

Or you can add this ale to the drinking themed basket! Really get into the spirit of halloween with this spooky themed beer. The reviews are great, and trying something new for the holiday is always a fun idea to do together. 

21. Skeleton Bottle Opener

And if you do put together a drinking gift basket, your boyfriend will need this awesome bottle opener. This is a great way to add a spooky surprise to the halloween themed drinks. Add it to any halloween basket to have every year around this time. 

skeleton hand bottle opener

22. Gift Card Basket

Put together a basket filled with gift cards to his favorite places. You can even add a spider web or plastic spiders to make it a spooky basket. A lot of people have some great ideas for making a fun gift card display, too, like these.

23. Dollar Store Gift Basket

One of my favorite places to check for holiday gifts and decor is the local dollar store! They have tons of fun halloween gift ideas, treats, and knick knacks. This is an awesome option if you’re on a tight budget.

24. Halloween Charcuterie Board

If your boyfriend isn’t big on gifts or even Halloween, but he is big on eating (I can totally relate), this is the best option for you! Put together one of these awesome halloween charcuterie boards. You can even sub out some of the treats for his favorites. 

25. Spooky Ghost Cupcakes

Create a ‘boo basket’ with these fun and delicious ghost cupcakes! Better than candy and so much fun to make, these cupcakes are sure to be a hit for halloween. You can make them for your boyfriend or for a halloween party. 

26. Scary Movie Sticker Basket

Halloween movies are a huge part of the holiday for most people. And if your boyfriend is a fan, get him these awesome stickers from scary movies! They could be a gift basket all on their own or add to other baskets for a great spooky basket. 

27. Halloween Cookies

Make a fun halloween basket with these amazing chocolate cookies! Anyone with a sweet tooth will love them. And the halloween colors and themes are a great addition to any gift basket. 

28. Halloween Red Wine 

For all the wine lovers out there, this is a spooky red wine that is perfect for halloween night. Grab some wine to go with all the snacks and treats you prepared. Or create a whole wine themed gift basket around this fun bottle!

29. Spooky Wine Glass

Add this spooky red wine glass to your halloween wine themed gift basket! Let your boyfriend sit back and relax with halloween wine in this new scary wine glass while you watch your favorite horror movies together.

30. Retro Candy Gift Basket

Try something new (and old!) this halloween together! This basket of vintage candy is a super fun halloween idea to try. And a unique way to still get in your halloween candy but try something new at the same time. 

halloween gift ideas for boyfriends graphic

Have fun putting together the spookiest halloween gift basket for your boyfriend that he will love! Fill it will all his favorite spooky items from the list and watch him enjoy it for days to come. And if you include the non-edible items, he can keep using the gifts for many halloweens to come! 

And don’t forget something for yourself this halloween time! Or try these other halloween gifts this spooky season.

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