47 Spooky Halloween Gift Basket Ideas for Your Girlfriend (2023)

With Halloween coming up, now’s the perfect time to make a Halloween gift basket for your girlfriend. Besides just her favorite candy, you’ll want to put together an awesome, spooky basket with a few Halloween gifts she’ll love! I’ve put together a list of ideas of all kinds of great Halloween and fall gifts to choose from. 

By putting together your own gift basket, you can personalize it to your girlfriend with all the things she’ll love getting and actually want to use. Think of what she likes and uses now, and check the list for a Halloween version. 

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Choosing a basket

First, you’ll need to find a Halloween bucket, basket, or container to put all the gifts in. Extra points if it’s Halloween themed and if your girlfriend can reuse it again in the future. Here’s a few good baskets I found:

Pick which basket or container you’re going to use based on the size of all the gifts you’re planning to put in. You could also repurpose Easter baskets for your gift. If you don’t have a basket or don’t want to get one, you can also use a gift bag. 

Putting together your gift basket

After choosing a basket and a few gifts from the list, put them all together! Add in some plastic spiders, candy, glow sticks, or small pumpkins for an extra Halloween pop!

Check out all these amazing halloween basket ideas and gifts to create the perfect ‘boo basket’ for your girlfriend. These ideas will also work for other important girls in your life like your best friend or family members.

Happy Halloween!

1. Sanderson Museum T-shirt

As one of the classical non-horror Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus and all things related to the Sanderson sisters are a favorite for most women around Halloween time. So grab this cute t-shirt for your girlfriend that she’ll actually want to wear.

2. Hocus Pocus Tumbler

If your girlfriend is a fan of Hocus Pocus, this is the perfect funny gift to include in her Halloween basket. This is a great way to include something she can use a lot, but also get into the Halloween spirit. And she can use it at Halloween parties, for a night in, or out trick or treating. 

3. Witch’s Brew Coffee Mug 

Check out this fun halloween themed mug thats perfect for all a pumpkin spice latte, apple cider, and hot chocolate! Try creating a coffee Halloween theme gift basket with the coffee below, too!

4. Pumpkin Spice Coffee

pumpkin spice coffee

Get the perfect coffee to get into the Halloween spirit and enjoy on the cool fall days. Add it to a halloween gift basket with a mug, blanket, and scary movies for a cozy day in together! This is a great option for anyone girlfriend who drinks coffee. 

5. Pumpkin King Coffee

Or try this delicious sounding pumpkin pecan praline coffee from Bones Coffee. Not only is the coffee Halloween flavored, the bag and the whole brand is spooky! Check out all their other coffee and cups, too. 

6. Pumpkin Spice Creamer

With any coffee basket, you’ll need to add this pumpkin spice creamer! This way you can turn any coffee into a fall treat, and it can be found in most major grocery stores. They even make dairy free versions if you need it. 

7. Skull Spoons

To round out a coffee themed gift basket, or any spooky gift basket really, add these awesome skull spoons. This is the perfect halloween gift that will go with any gift basket. And is a lot of fun to use!

8. Halloween Tea

Maybe your girlfriend doesn’t like coffee but is a tea drinker instead. This Halloween tea would be a perfect swap! Add this to the mug and spoons for the perfect Halloween tea themed gift basket, instead!

9. Halloween Travel Mug

Still on the theme of coffee and tea, consider this spooky Halloween travel mug. This is perfect for a girlfriend on the go, college student, or someone who takes their drink to work. This is a perfect addition for all the pumpkin spice lovers! 

10. Horror Movie Cup

Or if you’re looking for spooky ideas, try this awesome cup for all the horror movie fans out there. Create a scary movie themed gift basket with this cup in the center. This is a good idea if you plan on having a horror movie marathon on Halloween night, too! 

11. Cozy Halloween Blanket

orange blanket with bats on it

This is the perfect gift to add with all your halloween gift basket ideas. Girls love all things cozy and cuddling up under a warm blanket, especially with you. This blanket is a great idea to add to a movie themed gift basket or a cozy halloween care package. 

12. Halloween Pajamas

Nothing says cozy Halloween nights (or days in!) like these Halloween pajamas. Girls love cozy, cute pajamas. This is one of my favorite gifts on the list, and I might even get a pair for myself this Halloween. 

13. Halloween Slippers

Along with cuddling up in the blanket, girls will love warm cozy slippers. These jack-o-lantern slippers are top of the list of cute halloween gifts. They’ll go great in any gift box you decide. 

14. Halloween Town Sweatshirt

If you’re looking for more cozy Halloween themed gifts, check out this awesome sweatshirt. Not only is it comfy and cozy, it’s full of nostalgia from classic Halloween movies that girls love.

15. Halloween Socks

And what cozy basket would be complete with Halloween socks?? Any kind of fuzzy socks are always a good idea in a gift basket. This has the added bonus of the cute pumpkin shaped candles, too. 

16. Fall Pumpkin Candle

Halloween season is the perfect time of year to get some new, yummy candles to burn around your house or apartment. There’s a lot of great options out there, but this pumpkin chai soy candle is perfect. The smell is awesome, and it’s made with high-quality materials. 

17. Vanilla Candle

Or try this to-die-for vanilla white oak candle. This makes an amazing gift and addition to any basket for the entire fall season. The smell is wonderful, and your girlfriend will want to be using it all the time. 

18. Skeleton Cauldron Candle

skeleton candle in a cauldron

If you’re looking for gifts for a great spooky basket, try this candle instead. This is a super fun gift thats both a nice candle and a cool Halloween decoration. This is also the perfect addition if you’re going for a cute spooky basket of gifts. 

19. Halloween Wax Melter

Like many girls, I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many candles. But if you need something a little different for the candle lover in your life, try to wax melter! This is also perfect for college students that can’t burn candles in dorm rooms. 

20. Knit Halloween Pumpkins

To go along with the great fall candles, buy your girlfriend these super cute knit pumpkins to decorate for Halloween. These make a great small gift that she’ll use year after year. 

21. Coffin Letter Board

Your girlfriend will have so much fun with this spooky coffin letter board this Halloween! This is the perfect gift to add to any Halloween basket and really rounds out a home decor themed basket. Get your whole house in the spooky season mood. 

22. Human Skull Planter

If your girlfriend does like decorating for Halloween, put together a great gifts in a Halloween decoration basket. And don’t forget to include this human skull succulent planter. What better way to celebrate this spooky holiday season?

23. Halloween Storage Basket

This is a great gift to add with home decor or a great container to use as the gift basket. Put all your other gifts into this basket, and then your girlfriend can keep using it year after year. 

24. Halloween Pillows

In your spooky season home decor basket, these pillows are a must. Simple things like decorative pillows don’t seem like a lot, but girls absolutely love them. Pillows are an essential part of holiday decorating. 

25. Skeleton Pillow

pillow with the word halloween on it

Here’s another great idea for Halloween pillows that girls will love. Honestly, just get both sets of pillows for her. Ask any girl- you can never have too many pillows. 

26. Halloween Lights

Add to all the Halloween fun while decorating with these fun lights! Some of the best items to include in your basket seem simple like this one but are things your girlfriend will enjoy getting and use for many years to come. A home decor gift basket is the Halloween gift that keeps on giving. 

27. Halloween Door Mat

Add this in with all the other great spooky home decor, so your entire house is ready for spooky season! It may not fit in the basket with everything else, but it’s still worth the buy to give to your girlfriend. 

28. Halloween Cooking Utensils

If the girl you’re shopping for loves cooking (or just decorating her kitchen), grab these awesome Halloween themed utensils. This is a great gift idea for anyone who spends time in the kitchen. These durable cooking utensils can be used every year around Halloween, too. 

29. Halloween Cake Pops

One of the best spooky basket ideas is a basket full of Halloween treats! This is a special Halloween treat that is unique, looks amazing, and tastes delicious. If you’re not confident in your ability to make them, try a local bakery. 

30. Pumpkin Cookies

One of the best Halloween treats to add to gift basket are these pumpkin cookies. They are absolutely to die for, and something people generally only get to have around Halloween time. The recipe is easy to follow and can be done be beginners, too. 

31. Halloween Cookies

Try these delicious halloween cookies, and I’m sure they’ll become one of your favorite treats to make for Halloween. They taste great and are easy enough for anyone to make. Look how cool the eye ball candies in them are. 

32. Fall Halloween T-Shirt

Here’s another cute fall t-shirt to add to your Halloween gift basket. This is a great idea for any girls who loves all things fall. Similar to pillows, girls can never have too many t-shirts, especially cute ones to wear around holidays. 

33. Halloween Earrings

orange and black earrings

If your girlfriend likes to wear jewelry, these fun Halloween earrings are the perfect addition. These will get any girl into the Halloween spirit and will be a hit at any party, work outing, or Halloween dinner. Small gifts like this in her gift basket show how much you were thinking of her. 

34. Bat Necklace

If you are going to add jewelry, get her this awesome and cute bat necklace. This necklace isn’t too big or obviously Halloween-ish, but it’s great to wear all fall. This is the perfect Halloween gift that’s not too over the top, but still great to wear all spooky season. 

35. Skeleton Ring

To go with earrings and necklace, you’ll want to get a fun Halloween ring as well! This is a fun and cute ring to feel extra spooky this year. Add all three to your spooky Halloween basket for the perfect Halloween jewelry gift basket. 

36. Ghost Cross Body Bag

Any holiday is a great excuse for a new purse or bag, and if your girlfriend agrees, this is the perfect gift to add to her Halloween gift basket. This is super cute and stylish while also being practical. 

37. Halloween Tote Bag

Check out this awesome villain themed Halloween tote bag that girls will love. Perfect to running errands and shopping for more Halloween decor. You could even use this bag as the gift basket for an extra gift

38. Halloween Nail Stickers

Here’s a fun and useful gift for any girl who likes to get their nails done once in awhile. These nail stickers are adorable and super easy to put on! I use them all the time and am hooked now. 

39. Nail Polish in Halloween Colors

Or you can easily get these Halloween nail polish colors to add to her gift basket. This is a perfect, easy Halloween gift for girls who like to paint their nails, or for any girls who like to get into the Halloween spirit. 

40. Halloween Wine Glass

wine glass that says hallo queen

If your girlfriend is over 21, create the perfect wine themed Halloween gift basket. The perfect place to start is with the cute Halloween themed wine glass. Add it in to your wine basket now!

41. Black Wine Glasses

If you’re looking for a whole set of wine glasses, check out these awesome matte black wine glasses. These will fit perfectly in a wine themed gift basket or a home decor basket. These will really get your girlfriend into the Halloween spirit.

42. Vampire Wine

The perfect gift to go with your Halloween wine glasses is wine, obviously! If your girlfriend is a fan of red wine or just fun wine bottles, try this spooky vampire red wine blend. This is a must for all your Halloween spooky basket ideas. 

43. Hallowine

If you’re looking for something other than red wine (or in addition), here’s a sweet apple wine thats perfect for the entire fall season. This wine comes from Door County, WI, but it can be shipped to you this Halloween. The good news is that you can get it at any time of the year.

44. Caramel Apple Moscato

Or try a fun new flavor in her Halloween wine gift basket. Mix this with a few of her favorite snacks or even a real caramel apple. The reviews are surprisingly good on this one. 

45. Wine Bottle Opener

bat shaped wine glass opener

With any of these wine bottles and glasses, you’ll need a Halloween wine opener to complete your gift basket. Here’s a super fun one to use this Halloween. 

46. Halloween Party Game

Here’s a fun gift idea that will work in any Halloween gift basket. Add this new one to your list of Halloween party games to try this year. Whether you have a big party or just a few friends to play with, this game is great!

47. Hey Boo Basket

If you don’t want to put together your own gift basket, check Etsy for some unique halloween gift baskets that are all done for you! I recommend this great basket. This is still a super thoughtful gift your girlfriend will love with everything from bath bombs to candles.

best halloween gifts graphic

Mix and match all kinds of gift for a basket that your girlfriend will love! She’ll see how much effort you went through to make a personalized Halloween basket with all the things that she loves. And don’t forget her favorite candy at the end because what’s Halloween without candy?

Try these other Halloween gift ideas, too:

Halloween Gift Basket Ideas for Boyfriends

The important man in your life will love these awesome Halloween themed gifts! Check them all out here.

gift basket ideas for halloween graphic

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