50 Awesome Halloween Gift Ideas for Teachers (2023)

Find the perfect gift for your child’s teacher this Halloween season with my extensive list of Halloween gift ideas for teachers. Grab any one of these awesome Halloween gifts or put a few together in a DIY Halloween gift basket. I have lots of great ideas to choose from, and you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts. 

With multiple teachers in my immediate and extended family, I know how much effort, time, and resources teachers put in to making Halloween a fun time for their students. A small Halloween gift for them is the least we can do to show our gratitude for their hard work. Teachers truly are rockstars! 

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Put together a Halloween gift basket

To thank a teacher for all their hard work, consider putting together a gift basket for them. Include a gift and a few of yummy halloween treats in a container they can use again, possibly in their classroom. Next, add some fun Halloween decorations like plastic spiders or fake spider webs to the basket. 

Then, to personalize your gift basket, you can include a nice card or use these free printable tags. This is the perfect way to let your favorite teacher know you were thinking of them. 

Happy Halloween!

50 Halloween gifts for teachers

1. Cutest Pumpkins T-Shirt

t-shirt that says I teach the cutest pumpkins in the patch

​Check out this super cute pumpkin t-shirt made specially for teachers! This is something teachers can wear for the entire fall season and even in the years to come. Just make sure you know what size to get. 

2. Halloween Notepads

Teachers go through tons of lists, paper, and pens. This is the perfect opportunity to get more for them to use and get them fun Halloween themed gifts. This is one that’s simple, easy to add to a gift basket, and something they will be sure to use. 

3. Bone Pens

If you do want to get a teacher some new writing utensils (which they always seem to need), check out these awesome bone pens! These are sure to give an extra touch of spooky Halloween spirit to any gift.

4. Halloween Lanyard

Lots of teachers have to keep their ID badges and keys on them at all times and choose to do so on a lanyard. This is a great way to incorporate the Halloween spirit in something they can actually use everyday of the Halloween season. And this one even comes with a badge holder to use. 

5. Pumpkin Coffee Mug

Because of their jobs, most teachers I know drink a lot of coffee. This cute mug is a great gift for all the awesome teachers in your life. They can enjoy coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a hot beverage of their choice after a long morning with all the students. 

6. Pumpkin Spice Coffee

pumpkin spice coffee

​After you get them the coffee mug, they’ll need some coffee to go with it! And who doesn’t think of pumpkin spice coffee when it’s Halloween time. This is the perfect present for all the coffee drinking teachers out there. 

7. Pumpkin King Coffee

Here’s another great option for Halloween themed coffee to try. This one even has a fun spooky design and will be a favorite for the holiday. Add a festive touch to your teacher’s morning this Halloween. 

8. Gift Card

Let’s be honest, teachers have a lot of expenses and do not get paid enough for what they do. The gift cards don’t have to be a lot of money, maybe just enough for some coffee and breakfast or an order of supplies for the classroom. There’s even fun ways to put them together like this gift card bouquet, and then add some Halloween touches. 

9. Halloween Tea

If your teacher is not a coffee drinker and prefers tea instead (or maybe both coffee and tea), there’s also some great Halloween tea out there. Try this wonderful gift for tea lovers!

10. Halloween Travel Mug

​If the teacher you’re buying for does enjoy coffee or tea, this is the perfect teacher mug for fall because it’s made for on the go. Teachers usually have early mornings and long days at school, so they need a mug that will last all day!

11. Pumpkin Spice Creamer

If you are going with a coffee or tea themed gift, add in this yummy treat to go with. This pumpkin spice creamer would be good in any drink or hot beverages this Halloween season. They even have it at all large grocery stores. 

12. Cozy Halloween Blanket

Who doesn’t love a cozy Halloween night watching their favorite holiday movie? This blanket is perfect halloween gift idea for any teacher to relax and unwind after a long day.  

13. Throw Blankets

blanket with pumpkins, bats, and spider webs

Here’s some more great options for Halloween themed throw blankets. There’s different designs from pumpkins to a black cat one to a spookier skeleton one. Everyone will love being cozy this Halloween night. 

14. Halloween Slippers

If you’re looking for cozy Halloween teacher gifts to go with the blankets, these fun slippers are an awesome choice. Let them do extra relaxing at home this fall holiday season with a festive touch. 

15. Halloween Town Sweatshirt

If you’re shopping for female teachers, check out this amazing Halloween sweatshirt that’s also hugely nostalgic. Halloweentown was a staple Disney Channel Original Movie that people still love watching today. 

16. Halloween Socks

And what Halloween gift basket for teachers would be complete without Halloween socks?? Any kind of fuzzy socks are always a good idea in a gift basket. This has the added bonus of the cute mini pumpkins candles, too. 

17. Fall Pumpkin Candle

Fall and Halloween is famous for the roll out of certain scents and flavors like pumpkin spice, apple, and caramel in everything from candles to soap to drinks. That means it’s the perfect time of year to buy a new candle in a delicious fall scent. Try this awesome pumpkin chai candle to get into the Halloween spirit. 

18. Vanilla Candle

Another great scent that makes you think of Halloween and fall is vanilla. This scent makes you feel warm and cozy while still thinking of fall and all the sweet treats of Halloween. While they can’t use it at school, teachers will love burning this candle in their own home.  

19. Skeleton Cauldron Candle

Here’s a fun, spooky Halloween candle any teacher can add to their Halloween decor. Teachers who love to decorate for Halloween will love having this addition to their collection. 

20. Halloween Wax Melter

wax melter with pumpkin and black cat

Many teachers can’t use real candles or anything with a flame in their classrooms, for very good reason. This wax melter is perfect alternative for a yummy fall scent with no fire involved. Perfect for a teacher’s desk or to use at home, get them this instead of a traditional candle.  

21. Knit Halloween Pumpkins

Here’s another great Halloween gift that can be used on a teacher’s desk or in a classroom. These decorative pumpkins are super cute and great to use year after year. Your teacher will have a great time decorating their classroom with them. 

22. Orange Letter Board

Help your child’s teacher decorate their classroom this Halloween with this awesome orange letter board. This is a practical gift that teacher’s can keep using as much as they want and need to. You can even create a special message on the letter board for when you give it to the teacher. 

23. Fall Felt Letter Board

Or try this fun fall letter board that comes with orange, yellow, and black felt leaves to decorate. This is a cute idea for a gift that teachers can use all season long including for Halloween time. The festive design is perfect for any age classroom, too. 

24. Halloween Storage Basket

After talking to a family member who’s a fourth grade teacher, I now understand they can always use more storage bins or baskets. So why not get them a Halloween storage basket to hold all the other Halloween-themed treats or gifts you’re planning to get them. Then they can also keep and use the basket! 

25. Halloween Pillows

​Decorative pillows are a great idea for any holiday and one of the simple things that are great for decorating. These can be used at home or in a classroom reading corner. They’ll add a festive touch to any room with the different colors for Halloween. 

26. Pumpkin Pillow

white pumpkin pillow

​This is another fun decor idea that both teachers and students will love having for Halloween-a pillow in the shape of a pumpkin. Try this super cute, simple pumpkin pillow in your Halloween gift basket. 

27. Halloween Lights

​Lots of teachers hang up lights in their classroom to decorate on different occasions. Get them these cute mini pumpkin lights to use this year (and the years after!). They’ll love getting something they can actually use in their classroom!

28. Halloween Door Mat

​In addition to lights, lots of teachers use doormats in their classrooms to make the room feel more homey. They could also use this gift at home, but either way it’s great to get into the Halloween spirit. 

29. Halloween Cooking Utensils

If you know the teacher you’re shopping for enjoys to cook or decorate for Halloween, get them these awesome Halloween cooking utensils! These are a great addition to any kitchen this fall season. 

30. Halloween Cake Pops

One of my favorite easy Halloween gift ideas (and some of the best gifts to receive!) are homemade sweet treats!  Try these amazingly delicious cake pops or check your local bakery for some. Pair these with your teacher’s favorite candy or cookies for an awesome treat basket that they’ll love. 

31. Pumpkin Cookies

One of the best Halloween treats to add to gift basket are these pumpkin cookies. Baking your own spooky sweet treat like these is also a great gift idea for something yummy that’s also a thoughtful gesture. Cookies are a universal favorite sweet treat, and you can’t go wrong with these yummy fall cookies. 

32. Halloween Cookies

Another yummy cookie that anyone can make are these fun and festive spooky treats. If you need a treat to go with the spooky Halloween themes of other gifts, the eyeballs in these cookies will fit right in. 

33. Rice Krispie Treat Monsters

​This Halloween treat is both adorable and delicious! Chelsea’s Messy Apron has the perfect recipe for these fun Halloween treats that any can make. Teacher’s will love getting these as a gift. 

34. Halloween Oreo Truffles

​Chelsea’s Messy Apron has done it again with a super cute and super delicious Halloween treat that teacher’s will love to receive (and love to eat even more!). Honestly, check out her blog for even more amazing Halloween treat ideas. 

35. Halloween Earrings

If you know that your favorite teacher likes to wear jewelry and wears earrings, try these cute Halloween earrings. These are a fun way to add a touch of Halloween spirit to any outfit! I especially love the candy corn pair that say ‘trick’ and ‘treat’. 

36. Fall Halloween T-Shirt

fall tshirt

For the teachers who loves all things fall, this is a cute fall t-shirt they can around the Halloween season. This is a great gift idea to add to a Halloween gift basket. Similar to candles, you can never have too many t-shirts especially cute ones to wear for holidays.

37. Teacher Bag

​This is an awesome bag for all the best teachers in your life. The bag itself is not Halloween themed, but it’s a great container to use for all the Halloween gifts! Then they can use this bag all year around. 

38. Halloween Tote Bag

Check out this awesome villain themed Halloween tote bag that teachers will love. This is perfect for carrying their books and other supplies to and from school. And you can even use it as the container for your Halloween gift basket. 

39. Customized Halloween Bag

Here’s another super cute Halloween bag idea for teachers. This one is also great for carrying books and supplies, but this one you can customize with the teacher’s name on it for a more personal gift. 

40. Halloween Nail Stickers

Help you teacher into the Halloween spirit with these fun nail stickers this spooky season! They’re super easy to use, don’t take much time to put on, and they look great, too. 

41. Nail Polish in Halloween Colors

​If you notice that the teacher does like to paint her nails, get her some festive nail polish colors she can use! Include the orange and black in their Halloween gift. 

42. Halloween Cup

glass cup with straw and pumpkins

Here’s another fun fall pumpkin cup thats a cute and simple gift for any teachers. Add this in with the other Halloween-themed fun ideas that can be put together in a cute basket. 

43. Reading Ghost Mug

This cute Halloween themed mug is super cute and is great for the teacher’s who love to read. This is a gift they can keep using over and over each year around this time. 

44. Halloween Craft Paper

​Check out this awesome Halloween craft paper that teacher’s can use in their classroom for all their Halloween crafts. Educational resources are not cheap, and teacher’s still do so much to get them for your kids. Think about helping buy some of them as a gift this Halloween. 

45. Fall Craft Paper

Or for something a little less spooky, try this cute fall themed craft paper that a teacher can use. They will have so much fun thinking of all the things to do with their students using the paper this school year. 

46. Halloween Candy Jar

glass jars with bats on them

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but thoughtful gift, grab this cute jar that’s perfect to fill with your kids’ teachers favorite Halloween candy. Add a cute gift tag with a little note from their student, too, for a personal touch. 

47. Hey Boo Basket

If you don’t want to put together your own gift basket, check Etsy for some unique halloween gift baskets that are all done for you! I recommend this great basket. This is still a super thoughtful gift with everything from bath bombs to candles to help your favorite teacher relax.

48. Spooky Gift Basket

Here’s another great pre-made gift basket that’s perfect for Halloween. This one is a little spookier with more skeletons and spiders, but still full of nice Halloween goodies. 

49. Pumpkin Themed Gift Basket

This is another awesome gift basket you can get for a teacher! This pumpkin themed gift basket is full of yummy goodies like coffee and cookies and a cute pumpkin mug. They can enjoy this box while working hard on lesson plans or craft ideas for kids. 

50. Chocolate Treat Basket

Lastly, celebrate the special occasion with these delicious chocolates you can order for a teacher. These are delicious, and Halloween is the perfect time for some candy. And maybe if you’re lucky, the teacher will share some chocolates at the Halloween party (but don’t count on it).

graphic that says awesome halloween gifts for teachers

Not matter which gift you get them, teacher’s will be so grateful that you did. They work hard all year around, but especially around holidays to make it a special time for your kids. Brighten their day with a gift that gets them into the Halloween spirit!

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