63 Epic surf gift ideas perfect for any surfer (2023)

Surf gift ideas can be intimidating, especially if you’re not a surfer yourself. But there are so many epic surf gifts out there! Whether you’re shopping for a spouse, family member, friend, or fellow surfer, there’s something on this list for every one. 

Check out my list of the best surf gift ideas for all the awesome surfers in your life. Choose one or more of the gifts on this list for a surprise that any surfer will love, appreciate, and find extremely useful. 

Surf’s Up!

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1. Surfline Subscription

Surfline is a service that provides a surf map with the forecast, waves, and ocean conditions in real time. This is invaluable to surfers all over the world to be in the right place at the right time to find that perfect wave. 

2. Surfboard

The most obvious choice for surfing gifts is a new surfboard. If it’s in your price range considering getting them one they love, but I highly recommend having them pick it out with you. Surfboards come in all shapes, sizes, and designs while some are high quality and some are not. The type of surfboard can also vary depending on skill level. 

3. GoPro Hero

If you have the money to spend on luxury items, these are the best surf gift ideas. They will love using this camera to capture every epic wave they surf. It’s made from completely waterproof material to withstand any fall in the ocean. 

4. Surfboard Fin 

This is something all surfers will have to buy at some point. Surfboard fins tend to bend easily and need replacement. Just make sure you know exactly the right size and kind they need for their board. 

5. Surfboard Bags

All surfers need a good quality surfboard bag. Check out Channel Islands assortment of day bags and travel bags for every size surfboard. 

6. Thick Surfboard Socks

surf socks

You may never have thought of it, but socks are a great gift idea for surfers. When you’re in the water and the sand for a long time, your feet will feel it. These sand proof, water proof socks protect your feet and help against cold water temperature. 

7. Surfboard Repair Kit

Surfboards often need to be repaired while out on the beach, so one of the best things to have on hand is this surfboard repair kit. This is the ultimate gift if you’re looking for something useful because at some point they’ll need it for sure. The easiest way to get back to the waves is to have this kit on hand while out surfing. 

8. Surfing Air Freshener

Not only does this brand make a favorite surf wax (another favorite on the list), but they have an ultra popular car air freshener. You’ll see this in many of the cars parked next to the best surfing beaches.  This would make the perfect stocking stuffer. 

9. Hang Loose Sign

Here’s an awesome surfing decor sign that every surfer will love! This is the perfect way to decorate their house or office. 

10. Changing Mat

Surfers have to change in all kinds of places after surfing, and this changing mat is made to make that easier and help keep them clean. 

11. Grass Changing Pad

grass pad

Another great option for changing on the go is this grass changing pad. It’s perfect for changing on the beach, in a parking lot, or anywhere on the go. 

12. Balance Board

From beginner surfers to pros, all surfers train on balance boards. This is a game changer for better performance, and is a super useful gift for all surfers. 

13. Wooden Two Piece Balance Board

Here’s another option for a balance board for the more experienced surfers. 

14. Apple Watch

Another more expensive gift that’s perfect for surfers is an Apple Watch. These are water resistant and can make life on the beach so much easier. Not to mention they now make watch apps specifically for surfers (see below).

15. Dawn Patrol Surf App

If you do buy an Apple Watch or they already have one, get them a subscription to the Dawn Patrol app. This app will turn surf watches into the ultimate tool to track how many waves were ridden, speed, and distance among other things. Help bring their surf potential to a whole new level. 

16. Surf Watch Band

And for all those surfers with a smart watch, consider getting them this awesome surfing theme watch band to customize their watch. 

17. Traction Pad

This is a must for surfers and can be a little expensive buying them yourself. Consider buying one for the surfer in your life, and they are sure to use it. 

18. Surfboard Wax

different surf waxes

This might be the best thing you can get for a surfer because you know they’ll need it. Surfers go through a lot of surfboard wax and could always use more. 

19. Surfboard Racks

Consider getting them a place to keep their boards at home. These racks are great for anywhere. 

20. Surfboard Leash

These are on all the lists for surf gift ideas because they are essential for surfers and often get broken. Get them a new one or extra ones as backups, so they never have to go without it. 

21. Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan

If you’re looking for great surfing books, try this New York Times Bestseller and Pulitzer Prize winner about the crazy life of William Finnegan that is defined by surfing. This is a must read for all the surf lovers out there or really anyone intrigued by the surfing way of life. 

22. Funny Surfing T-Shirt

Check out this funny and simple gift that’s the perfect gift for all the special surfer friend in your life. You can never have too many t-shirts, and this is one of the best for surfing or wearing around the beach. 

23. Surf T-Shirt

Again, you can never have too many t-shirts. When you’re out surfing and in the water, you can go through multiple t-shirts a day. Here’s another funny t-shirt option that surfers will love and actually wear. 

24. Men’s Swimsuit

Another thing that surfers can never have too many of is swimsuits. Swimsuits are the perfect surf gift because you know they’ll use them and always need more. Check out this awesome and affordable shark one.  

25. Pineapple Swimsuit

blue pineapple swimsuit shorts

Here’s another fun men’s swimsuit to try. Some of the best gifts you can get a surfer are things they will use all the time, like a swimsuit! 

26. Base Layer Rash Guard

Consider this awesome rash guard for the next Christmas or birthday gift for a surfer. Surfing can be hard on the skin, not to mention cold at times. This shirt to surf in is perfect, and something they’ll use all the time. 

27. Men’s Swim Compression Shorts

Another absolute must-have for male surfers if they’re not wearing a wet suit. Half of surfing is being well prepared for the waves and being out in the water for long hours. 

28, Men’s Swimsuit with Compression

Or you can get the two in one gift that’s both a swimsuit and a pair of compression shorts. These are fun and the perfect gift for surfing during the warmer weather. 

29. Men’s Wetsuit

What better gift than a new wetsuit! Wetsuits are essential for surfing or any water sports that involves possibly cold water. A lot of the best surfing waves are in the winter and long hours out there get pretty chilly. The best way to stay warm is with a good wetsuit. 

30. Women’s Wetsuit

Wetsuits really are on the top of every list of surf gift ideas because they are such a useful gift that is also expensive for surfers to keep buying themselves. Make sure to get the right size and if they have a favorite brand, but here’s a standard women’s wetsuit.  

31. Wetsuit Hanger

wetsuit hanger

Add this to your list of super unique gifts that are also the most useful for surfers. These hangers are made specially to help dry out a wet wetsuit as fast as possible. 

32. Wetsuit Shampoo

Wetsuits need to get washed no matter how well they dry out after being in the ocean. That’s why they make this wetsuit shampoo to keep them in great shape. 

33. Women’s Compression Shorts

A lot of women also like to wear compression shorts during long surf sessions instead of bathing suit bottoms. Try this pair thats also UPF 50+. 

34. Surf Bikini

Here’s more surf gift ideas for women. If your favorite surfer does like to wear a swimsuit while surfing, check out this awesome surf bikini. 

35. Women’s Sporty Swimsuit

You could also get her this sport swimsuit if this is more her surfing style. It’s similar to a wetsuit, but for warmer conditions. 

36. Women’s Board Shorts

Or get her these awesome board shorts that can be used for everyday wear, surfing, or just hanging out on the beach. 

37. Thin Surfboard Socks

Here’s another variation of surfing socks that are thinner and less insulated, but still protect your feet. 

38. Barefoot Athletic Shoes

These barefoot shoes are a step up from thick surfing socks, but still lightweight and made for activities in the water and on the beach. These are a great idea for surfers to wear around the beach or if they like other outdoor exercise. 

39. Surfing Beach Towel

Another gift that surfers will use all the time is beach towels. They can never have too many and most likely keep multiple in their car. Check this funny Bigfoot surfing towel. 

40. Surf Poncho

surf poncho

This surf poncho is an awesome gift because you can use it as a towel, to stay warm, or to change after surfing. Changing on the beach or in a parking lot can be a challenge because you have to hold a towel while also changing. But this poncho solves that problem!

41. Sand Proof Beach Towel

These Turkish beach towels are the best option for surfers who like to spend a lot of extra time at the beach. They work as both a towel and a blanket and keep the sand out. 

42. Dry Bag

If you spend a lot of time around water sports or at the beach, having a dry bag for your important items is always a good idea. This waterproof bag will keep everything safe and dry in case it falls in the water. 

43. Surfing Pillow

If the surfer you’re shopping for does like home decor, get them this super cute surfing pillow to use. This pillow would be great in a bedroom, office, or living room. 

44. Surfing Tapestry 

Check out this rad surfing tapestry! This is a great way to decorate any space, even for men. They’ll be able to hang in any room, garage, or shop. 

45. Surfing Sign

Here’s an epic surfing sign that will make the perfect decoration in any home. This is a great gift for any surfer will the right place to put it. 

46. Currents Print

Home decor does depend on the surfers taste, but this currents print is a great addition to any wall art. 

47. Surfboard Wall Print

This is another awesome surfing themed wall print to get for a surf lover. It will also look great with the currents print or any of the other home decor on the list. 

48. Surfing Stickers

surf stickers

This is one of my favorite surf gift ideas thats inexpensive and simple, but something that surfers will absolutely love! They can be used in so many different ways. 

49. Neon Sign

Neon signs are really popular right for home decor. This is the ultimate surfing decor for the die hard surfers out there.

50. Surfing Coasters

If you ask my mom, everyone needs coasters and usually more of them. These are some great beach vibe coasters that will go great in any room and any of the other surfing decor on the list. 

51. Coffee Mugs

Try these awesome, customizable surfing themed coffee mugs. Surfing calls for a lot of early mornings, and, therefore, a good amount of coffee. Let them enjoy that coffee in a fun surfing mug. 

52. Backpack Cooler

backpack cooler

Check out this awesome portable cooler that can be taken anywhere! Bring it along for any big surfing trip. 

53. Cooler

To keep in your car or use on the beach, this is the perfect cooler for a full day of surfing. This one is guaranteed to keep everything cold all day. 

54. Surfing Bowl

Here’s a beautiful surf themed bowl to use for jewelry, keys, or really anything around the house. This is a perfect gift to go with the other gifts on the list. 

55. Surf Essentials Bag

Check out this canvas travel bag made to hold all your surfing essentials. This is high on the list of useful and thoughtful gifts that surfers will love to receive. 

56. Surfboard Necklace

This is a super cute and high quality gift to get all the women surfers in your life. These are so cute I might even get one for myself. 

57. Surfboard Phone Ring

Here’s a practical gift that will make a great small present or stocking stuffer. These phone rings make holding your phone so much easier, and this surfboard design is awesome. 

58. Padded Car System

surfboard car rack attachment

These padded car system is a handy way to keep your board from getting damaged or scratched while tying them down to a car roof. These act as both the roof rack and the tie down straps in one. 

59. Tie Down Straps

If the surfer in your life transports their boards on the car roof with a roof rack they already have in place, they’ll need tie down straps. Consider getting them these high quality straps to use. 

60. Swim Hair Care

All the swimming sessions can take a toll on your hair, so get them this awesome hair care system made for swimmers and surfers. 

61. Best Places to Surf Book

Fifty Places to Surf Before You Die is the perfect gift to help them plan their next surf trip. Read all about the best surf spots and largest waves out there in this super interesting book. 

62. Surf Ears Ear Plugs 

surf ears ear plug

Surfers are at high risk for swimmers ears from all the water they can possibly get into their ears. These ear plugs are made for surfers to keep the water out. 

63. Gift card to Jacks Surfing 

If you can’t choose something yourself, get them a gift card to an awesome online surf shop. Then they can pick out any of the surfing gear they need or want. Or you can stop by your local surf shop for a gift card, too.

Also check out any surf shops in your local area for more ideas or help choosing surf equipment. There’s so many possibilities out there, and really something for everyone. 

If you’re not sure how to pick, the easiest way to choose a gift from the list is to think of something your surfer already uses all the time and fits into their lifestyle. Then when you get them that gift, you know they’ll find it both useful and thoughtful. Surf gift ideas don’t have to be too complicated, just something they like and want based on one of their favorite hobbies-in this case surfing! 

Happy shopping! 

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