100 unique Christmas gift ideas for a bride to be (2023)

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If you have a special bride to be in your life this Christmas time, you need the unique, best gift for them! This year my sister got engaged and will be a bride to be for the holiday season. So I have be searching for the perfect gift for her.

Most brides to be only have one or two Christmases after their engagement and before their weddings, so this is a very special time. And because of that you want to get them a meaningful, thoughtful gift. 

Check out my full list of the best gifts for any bride to be this Christmas. 

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Gifts brides to be can use on the big day

When you’re buying a holiday gift for the bride to be, consider something they can use on their wedding day or at one of the other wedding functions. Brides need so many things besides the wedding dress, and there’s where you can help!

1. Personalized Denim Jacket

Check out this awesome denim jacket for brides to wear. You can even get her new last name put on the back to make it extra special. This is a great way to add a personal touch for the future mrs. 

2. Black Leather Bride Jacket

Maybe your bride isn’t the denim jacket type, and this black leather jacket is more their personal style. This one is also customizable with their new name or bride on the back. 

3. White Sparkly Sneakers

After a long day at the wedding, taking pictures, and just walking in high heels, most brides choose to change shoes for the reception. These are the perfect gift that they can actually wear at the upcoming wedding and still look great under a wedding dress. They could also be worn with all the white outfits at parties, showers, and pictures. 

4. White Converse

If the bride to be you’re shopping for is not the type to wear sparkly shoes, get them these simple white converse. You can’t go wrong with the classics, and these will still be so much more comfortable for a reception. 

5. White Sandals

Or if the bride to be is not the sneaker type, try these comfy white sandals. These are perfect for any wedding reception including those outdoors or on a beach.

6. Bride Pajama Set 

Help you favorite bride-to-be get ready the wedding morning in these beautiful and comfy pajamas. This is a great present that she can continue using even beyond the wedding day.  

7. White Sunglasses

Every bride is going to need all white everything. They have multiple occasions to dress in all white, including the wedding. So get them a pair of stylish white sunglasses to match the look. 

8. Bride Tote Bag

To carry around all this stuff the bride to be is getting for the big day, she’ll need a bag to carry it in. Get this special gift that can be used on so many occasions, but especially on the wedding day to carry everything she needs to get ready. 

9. Mrs Jewelry Box

The day of the wedding, the bride will need to bring her jewelry with her, and have a safe place to carry her wedding and engagement ring. Get her this fitting travel jewelry box to carry everything in. 

10. Personalized Champagne Flutes

Check out these amazing, customizable champagne flutes to use on their special day for their big toast. Then, they can also keep them to continue using them. 

Gifts with ‘Mrs’ 

If you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts that really highlight the bride to be’s new title, check out all these amazing gifts with ‘Mrs’. Any of these options would be the perfect present for a new bride. 

11. Sun Hat

Bring on relaxing in the sun for the bachelorette party, honeymoon, or whatever their next vacation might be! This is the perfect gift for any bride. 

12. Baseball Hat

Maybe a baseball hat is more your bride to be’s style. There’s tons of cute ones on Etsy, but this one comes in a set of two and is a gift for the groom as well. This is the perfect way to get them both a gift!

13. Fanny Pack

This is one of the best bridal gift ideas if you’re looking for something small but also very practical. The bride will be sure to actually use this gift. 

14. Necklace

This Mrs. necklace is super cute and simple. It’s perfect for every day wear or special occasions, and can be worn long past the wedding day. 

15. Earrings

To go with the necklace, get this fun Mrs. earrings, too! I actually got a pair for my sister to wear on her bachelorette weekend.

16. Robe

Check out this beautiful bridal robe for getting ready on the day of the wedding. This would also make a great maid of honor or mother of the bride gift if you got the matching set. 

17. Beach Towels

Consider getting the new couple these Mr. and Mrs. beach towels! Celebrate both their new titles as the lounge by the pool or at the beach. 

18. Travel Mug

Here’s another great practical gift that the bride to be can use on the day of the wedding while getting ready. But also use long after the wedding. You can even get this one in multiple colors to match the wedding colors. 

19. Taylor Swift Cup

This is for all the Taylor Swift fans getting married soon (including my sister). If your bride to be is a Swiftie, this is the perfect choice from the list. 

20. Makeup Bag

A makeup bag is high on the list of things that a bride needs on her wedding day but also regularly uses. This is one of the awesome bridal gifts for that will work for virtually any bride to be. 

Gifts with her new name

Not only does the bride to be have a new title to celebrate, but now she has another name to celebrate, too! Check out all these unique gift ideas that include the new couples family name on them. These also make some of the best wedding gifts if you’re still looking for that, too.

21. Sign

What better home decor is there than one that celebrates your new family. Check out this amazingly made name sign that all brides would love to have hanging in their homes. 

22. Serving Tray

This is an amazing customizable gift that will look great in any home. Help celebrate the newly married couple, and their new home together. It’s perfect for any kitchen or living room coffee table. 

23. Hanger

Even if it’s just for a great wedding day photo, every bride needs this special name hanger for their wedding dress. But then they can keep using this beautiful gift over and over. 

24. Picture Frame

Here’s the perfect place to put one of their wedding photos! This frame is customizable to them (either first name or last name), and will always have a special place in your bride to be’s heart.

25. Sweatshirt

Check out this simple and stylish sweatshirt with the bride’s new title and name on it. I wish someone had given me this gift when I was getting married. 

26. Photo Album

After the wedding, the bride to be is going to have so many photos that she’ll want printed out. Get her this awesome photo album that includes their initials, wedding date, and last name. 

27. Ornament 

Here’s a super cute Christmas decoration that also celebrates the new couples family name. You can never go wrong with an ornament on Christmas. 

28. Cake Topper

If your bride to be is having a cake at the wedding (check and make sure!), then consider getting her this last name cake topper.

29. Charcuterie Board

Nowadays everyone needs their own charcuterie board. Get the bride to be this customizable board that she can use in her home for years to come. 

30. T-Shirt

This gift is the perfect addition to all the things the bride needs for wedding events and parties. But it’s also cute and comfy enough for everyday wear. 

Gifts to help brides relax and pamper themselves

Planning a wedding is extremely stressful and overwhelming at times. Take it from someone who planned one, all brides out there need some extra relaxing and pampering before their big day. Check out all these great gifts to help the bride to be in your life feel pampered. 

31. Spa gift card

This is the ultimate relaxing experience. Treat them to a serene day at the spa. Get them a gift card to a local spa to be truly pampered by professionals.

32. Mud Face Mask

Or bring the spa into their own home with the best selling, spa quality mud face mask. This is the perfect practical gift they can keep using over and over after long days of wedding planning, especially leading up to the wedding. 

33. Massage

Another incredible gift to help destress is a gift certificate to get a full body massage. This may be included at some spas, or you can find one separately. 

34. Hyaluronic acid face serum

Because of the stress of planning a wedding, a lot of brides to be need to take extra care of their skin. Gift them this amazing face serum to keep their complexion looking flawless. 

35. Moisturizing hair mask

Along with their skin, brides to be also need to take extra care of the their hair during this time. This awesome hair mask is a great choice to help them relax and keep their hair at it’s best.

36. Nail salon gift certificate 

You could also get them a gift certificate to a nail salon if they like to get their nails done. This is a great way for them to relax and even save for when they need their nails done for the wedding. 

37. Relaxing bath soak

Get the bride to be this natural, relaxing bath salt! This one is made with sea salt and essential oils and is sure to help anyone unwind after a long day. 

38. Bath Bombs

Or try this awesome pack of relaxing bath bombs that every bride to be is sure to love. Made from high-quality materials, this is a great idea for anyone looking to relax and gives them multiple opportunities to relax in the bath before the wedding. 

39. Ice roller

These ice rollers are a popular tool to help calm and revitalize your skin. Relax after a day of hard work with this, and keep using it until the big day.

40. At home spa gift basket

Get your special bride to be a whole basket of relaxing goodies to use at home! This comes with scrubs, massagers, and so much more to help unwind after long days and weeks. 

Gifts for the honeymoon

At some point following the wedding, the newlywed couple usually takes a honeymoon to a beautiful vacation spot to celebrate. Now they make all kinds of travel essentials that are wedding or bride themed. Shower your bride to be with these great vacation must haves for her honeymoon.

41. Bride bag

This is the perfect mix of stylish and practical for your honeymoon or next vacation. And you can keep celebrating being a new bride. 

42. Luggage Tags

Check out these cute Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags that the newly married couple can use for their honeymoon and all their following vacations, too. 

43. Luggage

Lots of newly married couples don’t have any luggage of their own and need to purchase some for a honeymoon. This is a great gift to give them that they’ll need and use many times. And in the future, they can keep using this luggage with all their family members as well.  

44. Travel Backpack

Try this cute and durable travel backpack that makes the perfect carry on bag. This is perfect for a honeymoon or any bride to be that will be traveling. 

45. White Two Piece Bathing Suit 

Most brides go somewhere tropical and warm for their honeymoon and will need a bathing suit. This cute white bathing suit is perfect for a bride on a honeymoon.

46. White One Piece Bathing Suit

Or if try this super cute one piece bathing suit that’s perfect for brides! Bridal enough to wear for a honeymoon or bachelorette party, but also simple enough to use at any time. 

47. Bathing Suit Cover Up

To go with the new white bathing suit, the bride to be could also use this stylish white bathing suit cover up. This is also perfect for a bride, but able to wear at any time. 

48. Picnic Basket

Check out this awesome personal picnic basket with everything the newlyweds need for a romantic picnic on their honeymoon. This is one of the unique ideas that’s also very practical. 

49. Passport Books

Get your favorite engaged couple these cute personal passport books to use for the first time on their honeymoon. 

50. Honeymoon Fund

Help them save up for their honeymoon. Any vacation is expensive now, and this visual reminder to save money will help cover that cost. They can also use it to keep gifts from others for the honeymoon. 

51. Pay for a Honeymoon Activity

For my Christmas present the year I was a bride to be, my brother bought tickets to a famous aquarium that my husband and I were planning to go to on our honeymoon. This took a big cost off of us and was one of my favorite gifts I received. 

Gifts for her new home

Wherever the bride to be ends up living after the wedding, help her start her new home with fresh decorations and new appliances. 

52. Engagement Map

What better way to celebrate the engagement than will this awesome, customizable engagement map. Here’s a way for the happy couple to always remember the special day. 

53. Personalized Coasters

My mom also says we all could use more coasters, and it’s one of the most overlooked home decor items. These coasters are cute and customizable to the new couple. 

54. Pillow

This decorative throw pillow with the newly married couples names and wedding date is one of the cutest home decorations out there. Every bride would love to receive this as a gift and actually use it in their house. 

55. Cutting Board

Every new home will look great with this last name cutting board. The bride to be can use it as a decoration, an actually cutting board, serving tray, or all three. 

56. New Home Candle

Every bride will appreciate a new candle, especially one that’s about this new beginning in her life. 

57. Door Mat

This is another cute way to celebrate the bride’s new family name and get her something for their new home together! 

58. Beverage Tub

Check out this amazing customizable beverage tub. This is perfect for the bride to be that likes to entertain guests in her new home. 

59. Marble Cheese Board

Here’s another beautiful gift that the bride to be can use in her home. This one is also customizable with their names and wedding date. 

60. Throw Blanket

Everyone loves having cozy blankets around the house, and this one is perfect for a bride to be. This one will always remind them of their big day, too. 

61. First Dance Sign

If you happen to know the bride and groom’s first dance song or want to ask them, this beautiful sign is the perfect gift. They’ll love having it hanging in their new home. 

Gifts from the groom

If you’re a groom to be looking for the perfect gift for your bride to be, check out these amazing and sentimental gift ideas. This holiday season may be your only one as an engaged couple, so make the most of it. 

62. Photo Book of your relationship

Create a photo book of your relationship so far with all your favorite pictures together. Document your love story this far and leave a special message for your bride in it, too. Online photo websites like Snapfish and Shutterfly make it very easy to do. 

63. Engagement Photo Album

If you had engagement photos taken together, get all those photos made into an album or a book. You can just include the photos, or customize it with even more photos and messages. 

64. Favorite Places Sign

Check out this sweet sign of your favorite places together as a couple. Document your story with the locations you met, got engaged, and are going to get married. 

65. Diamond Earrings 

This is a timeless gift to get your beautiful bride. She can wear these on the wedding day and then keep them forever. 

66. Necklace

Or get her this elegant and beautiful diamond heart necklace. It comes in white gold or yellow gold, and is also stackable with other necklaces. 

67. Charm Bracelet

Get your bride this beautiful heart charm bracelet. You can customize each charm with names, dates, locations or other things that are most important to her. You can get it in gold or sterling silver.

68. Wedding Date Bracelet

Try this beautiful bracelet that you can customize with your wedding date on one side with your names on the other. 

69. Reasons I Love You Puzzle

This is a super sweet way to show your bride all the things you love about her. This is one of the most creative gifts on the list that’s she’s sure to love. 

70. Watercolor Painting

Check out this amazing way to get a portrait of you two done! The bride to be will love hanging this in your new home, and it’s a gift she will always cherish. 

71. I Love You Jar

Here’s another cute way to tell your bride all the things you love about her that she can keep forever. 

Gifts to be her ‘something blue’

​We’ve all heard the old saying ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ referring to what a bride needs on her wedding day. Help her with the something blue part with one of these great gifts. 

72. Hairpins

Blue hairpins are a simple but elegant way to incorporate the color into the wedding day. These are beautiful, inexpensive, and easy to add into any hair style.

73. Blue Clutch

Get your bride to be this useful blue clutch for the big day. This is any easy way to carry a few essentials with her through the long day. 

74. Blue Diamond Earrings

Check out these absolutely beautiful earrings that will pair great with any wedding dress and also be a small touch of blue. 

75. Dangly Earrings

Or for something simpler (but still beautiful!), try these dangly blue earrings. These are a great smaller gift or the perfect stocking stuffer. 

76. Bouquet Tie

Here’s a something blue that is customizable to your bride. This cute heart charm gets attached to the bouquet to walk down the isle, and then makes a wonderful keepsake. 

77. Bracelet

Try this stunning Kendra Scott bracelet that is the perfect addition to any bridal day look. 

78. I Do Anklet

Or get your bride to be this anklet with a blue ‘I do‘. This is a small thing, but a gift she is sure to appreciate. 

79. Handkerchief

This is a small but significant something blue for the bride to have on the wedding day. And to have for all the tears.

80. Shoe Charm

Here’s the perfect minimalistic something blue for any bride. These are small blue and white charms to attach to shoes. 

81. Blue Pin with Photo

Check out this awesome blue pin with a place to carry a photo of someone important to the bride. Pin in on the inside of the bride’s bouquet, dress, or shoes. 

More gifts for the bride to be

Here’s even more gifts that will be perfect for any bride to be. These are the best unique wedding gift ideas for Christmas, the engagement party, bridal shower, or even the bride’s birthday. 

82. Wedding Date Necklace

Check out this amazing gold bar necklace that you can customize with the bride to be’s wedding date. After making my entire list, I decided to get this for my sister for Christmas.

83. Ring Dish

Every bride is going to need a place to put her new engagement ring and wedding ring she’ll have soon. Here’s a super cute one with their initials on it. 

84. Water Bottle

These stainless steel water bottles are a great gift for the bride to be and the whole bridal party. The wedding day is a long day, and it’s important to stay hydrated. 

85. Wedding Day Emergency Kit

You never know what can happen on the day of the wedding, but the bride wants to be prepared. Get her this emergency kit to ease her mind and possibly save the day!

86. Bathing suit with the groom’s face

This is a funny, but great gift idea. Get a customizable swimsuit with the groom’s face on it that the bride can use for a bachelorette party, honeymoon, or just any day by the pool. 

87. A set of picture frames

This is a great Christmas gift that you know a bride will use. After all the wedding photos come back, the bride will need frames to hang them. This has the added bonus of something thoughtful and something very useful. 

88. A gift from thei

\]r wedding registry

If the bride to be has already put together a wedding registry, consider buying a gift from there. You know it’s something the bride wants and likes because she picked it out! These gifts are not just bridal shower gifts, they can also be for any special occasion. 

89. Keepsake Box

Help the bride remember her big day with this beautiful keepsake box to save all the important things from the wedding! Then the newly wed couple can open it on every anniversary. 

90. Dress Preservation 

Offer to pay for the cleaning and preservation of her wedding dress after the wedding. This is an expense that couple’s often forget and getting it as a gift is a big help. 

91. Bouquet Preservation 

In addition to dress preservation, bouquet preservation is a common keepsake for the bride after the wedding. There’s so many ways to preserve flowers! 

92. Letters to the Bride

This is an amazing sentimental gift for the bride to be. Have those close to her all write her letter about her and the upcoming wedding, and then store them in this beautiful book. 

93. Wedding Planner 

A wedding takes so much organization and planning. Help you bride to be get a head start and stay on schedule with this thorough wedding planner. 

94. White Maxi Dress

Brides to be have so many events to wear white to before the actual wedding that they usually end up getting multiple white outfits. Help her out with this super cute white maxi dress. 

95. Lacy White Dress

This cute, short white dress is also a great options for brides. This would look awesome at any engagement party, shower, or rehearsal dinner. 

96. White Jumpsuit

Another great outfit for bride’s to be for all their events is a jumpsuit. This is just as nice as a dress and a great option to have. 

97. Long Sleeve White Jumpsuit

​Consider this one too for the bride to be. She’s going to need a lot of nice white outfits. 

98. Bride Sweatshirt

And a classy white bride sweatshirt to wear for any occasion this wedding season!

99. Bride Slippers

Help the bride relax on top of everything else, and have something comfy to wear on the wedding morning with these super cute bridal slippers

100. Money for the Wedding 

Honestly, one of the most helpful gifts you can give a bride to be is financial help with the wedding. Weddings cost a ridiculous amount of money now. You can also pay for one specific part of the wedding. 

No matter the gift, the bride will appreciate any of these gifts celebrating her special time as a bride to be! 

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