81 best 60th birthday gift ideas for mom (2023)

Picking out the ideal 60th birthday gift idea for your mom can be daunting. What do you get for someone who deserves so much for such a big day? From the traditional 60th birthday gift ideas to the newest tech gift, check out my entire list of the best 60th birthday gift ideas for your mom!

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Experience gifts for mom

For this milestone birthday, consider getting your mom a thoughtful gift of an experience for her instead of a physical object. For an extra sentimental gift, get her an experience you can do together or as a family for quality time. The best gift ideas are something she would love to do and never forget. 

1. Cooking Class

Book a cooking class for her or both of you together! This is a super fun activity, and the best part is you get good food out of it, too. Check online for cooking classes near you in a cuisine that your mom likes.

2. Winery Tour 

If your mom likes to drink wine, find a winery tour and wine tasting you can go to. This is the perfect way to give her a fun evening out, doing something she’ll really enjoy. 

3. Birthday Party

Organize your mom’s 60th birthday party for with all her family and friends. As maybe the most important person in your upbringing, you can plan this one event for her after all she’s done for you. Bonus points if you can pull off a surprise. 

4. Boat Tour

In my city and many others, boat tours on the river are a popular activity. For architecture tours, dinner boats, or full on cruises, check what your area has to offer. This will also work if you live close to the ocean. 

5. Weekend Away with You

The ultimate gift of quality time-organize a weekend getaway to somewhere fun your mom will love! Bring the whole family or just the two of you, either way your mom will love spending time with you on this major milestone.

6. Tickets to a Show or Movie

Check what shows are playing if you have a theater nearby or just check the movies for something your mom would like to see. This is a good choice if your mom just wants to spend time with you, but you’re also on a budget.

7. Helicopter flight 

If you’re not on a tight budget, consider something big like a helicopter flight tour over your city. This is a great gift idea and one of the new experiences that your mom will never forget. 

8. Crafting Night

Try a fun craft night like wine and painting, pottery, or wooden sign making with your mom. You can go alone or take plenty of people with you for a party to celebrate the big day! 

For around the house

Help your mom with the place she spends the most time-her home! Most moms take pride in their home, and a good gift option is anything that she’ll love to have or use around the house. Whether it’s the little things or something big, gifts for her home are always a good idea. 

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9. Robot Vacuum

I don’t usually recommend getting cleaning supplies for birthday gifts, but this robot vacuum is the exception. This vacuum makes less work for mom and helps keep the house clean without her having to do anything.

10. 60 Things We Love About You Sign

This is one of the sweetest and best 60th birthday gifts for the special birthday girl. Tell her all the things you love about her with this sentimental gift that she can hang in her house. 

11. Homemade Photo Book

For your mom’s 60th birthday, put together a photo book of all your photos of her! Even ask other friends and family to send you pictures of her or the family. There’s so many online tools that make it super easy to put the book together. 

12. Mom Sign

Check out this thoughtful present for your mom on her special day. You can help her celebrate her kids or grandkids with this super cute sign to hang in her house. 

13. Digital Picture Frame

Let your mom continuously see all the important moments in her life with one picture frame. Load up all the pictures she’ll like, and this picture frame will rotate through all of them!

14. Charging Station

This stylish charging station for all your mom’s electronics is sure to make her life simpler. She won’t have to mess with any cords or bend over to find them anymore. 

15. Smart Pressure Cooker

Get your mom this latest kitchen gadget that has so many uses. This pressure cooker connects to your phone, and basically do anything you can think of for an all in one kitchen appliance. 

16. Legacy Journal

Here’s the top of the list when it comes to unique gift ideas that are also so meaningful. Have your mom complete this beautifully made book to remember her life story and family tree. This is a great 60th birthday gift idea that your mom can cherish and pass down to her family, too.

For moms that love to cook or bake

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17. Apron 

If your mom is always in the kitchen, chances are she needs a solid apron to keep her clothes clean. This one is a great option for all moms.

18. Cooking utensils 

Get your mom some new, premium kitchen utensils for all her time in the kitchen. These are practical, beautiful, and useful for moms who like to cook.

19. Cast Iron Skillet 

As someone who also likes to cook, cast iron skillets are one of the best cooking tools. They’re a great long term investment, and I love how my food in them turns out. 

20. Great British Bake Off Cookbook 

If your mom is a fan of The Great British Bake Off like mine or just a fan of baking in general, this is the perfect cookbook!

21. Personal Wooden Cookbook

This is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a mom who loves to cook and keeps a lot of recipes. Now she can keep them all in one place.

22. Charcuterie Board

Nowadays, everyone needs a charcuterie board whether it’s more for decoration or actually using. Check out this awesome board that’s the perfect addition to any kitchen and can be customized, too. 

23. Swivel Cheese Board 

This is an amazing gift for all the moms that like to cook and entertain. It’s perfect to use when guests or family members are coming over. There are so many opportunities with this gift!

24. Kitchen Aid Mixer

This is my absolute favorite kitchen tool, and one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. It’s extremely useful, and something I’ve always wanted but didn’t want to buy myself. If you do get the mixer, look into all the cool attachments you can get too. 

For moms who love coffee

Most moms I know (myself included) love coffee, probably because having children is so exhausting. What better way to help her with her love for coffee than with these amazing gifts for coffee enthusiasts. 

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25. Purity coffee

All the coffee lovers out there will love, appreciate, and use this premium organic coffee. It’s tested for mold and specialty grade, this coffee is the best there is. 

26. Coffee grinder 

For all the whole bean coffee drinkers, get this automatic coffee grinder to make their life easier. This one even comes with different settings to get the perfect grind every time. 

27. Chemex 

Coffee aficionados will tell you that this Chemex pour-over coffee maker makes the perfect cup of coffee. Superior to any machine, this method makes coffee with a delicious flavor every time.

28. Keurig with Milk Frother 

Your mom deserves the best, so upgrade her coffee machine with this Keurig that also comes with a milk frother. Now she’ll be able to make the fancy coffee at home, too.

29. Nespresso Machine 

Check out this awesome coffee machine that is known for brewing delicious coffee and espresso. It’s still as simple as the touch of button, too. 

30. Espresso machine 

This is the ultimate coffee lovers gift that’s sure to wow your mom. If you do have a larger budget to spend, this would be an amazing gift for your mom to have the best coffee at home every morning. 

31. Mug that Keeps Hot 

Looking for the best high tech coffee gift? This is definitely it, and I keep hoping someone will get it for me! Keep your coffee at the exact temperature you like it through an app on your phone.

32. Cold Brew Maker 

Here’s the perfect gift if your mom likes to drink iced coffee. Make the perfect cold brew with this specially designed maker. 

For moms who love to read

If your mom is an avid reader, any of these would make a wonderful present for her. Get her a wonderful birthday gift that she’ll not only love but also want to use all the time. 

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33. Kindle

I was skeptical about e-readers at first, but a kindle is so convenient and easy to use. You can carry thousands of books in your bad or purse at all times. I still prefer the feel (and smell) of real books, but this is great to have, too.

34. Kindle unlimited 

If you decide on a Kindle or your mom already has a kindle, get her a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. This gives you access to thousands of books, so you don’t have to pick just one.

35. Her favorite books

Obviously if you have a mom who likes to read, you can always get her books. Find out her favorite author or her favorite genre to read, and see if there’s anything new. 

36. Reading light 

Get this awesome reading light to go with her favorite books. This is such a practical gift that your mom will actually use all the time. 

37. Reading Coffee Mug

Let your mom enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee with her new books. This adorable mug is sure to be a favorite with book lovers.

38. Bathtub reading tray 

The bath is a relaxing place to dig into a good book, but also dangerous to get your book wet. So get your mom this luxurious reading try for the bath tub. 

39. Book Nook Reading Valet 

Help your mom create the ultimate reading spot in her home. This book valet keeps her place in the book and holds all her important reading accessories.

40. Bookends 

For all the moms that have a lot of books on their shelves, get them these beautiful bookends to keep everything organized.

For moms who love plants

Another common interest I’ve noticed amongst moms is plants and gardening! These gifts would all make the perfect 60th birthday present for a plant loving mom.

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41. Find some plants

The most obvious gift for plant loving moms is more plants! If you ask any plant lover, they’ll tell you that one can never have too many plants. Consider something rare or more expensive that your mom would love to have, but may not want to buy herself.

42. Pots 

And because you can never have too many plants, you can also never have too many planters. Check out this stylish indoor pots that come with stands.

43. Plant stand 

Get your mom a place to put all her lovely plants inside. This plant stand is perfect for any room and saves space for more plants. 

45. Watering can 

This cute copper watering can is the perfect gift for plant lovers. You can use it indoors or outdoors with ease. 

46. Plant Subscription 

Check out this gift that keeps on giving! Plant in the Box is a subscription service that will send a new house plant every month! 

47. Hanging wall planter 

Here’s a gift that’s both for plants and decor. Let your mom have another cool place to show off all her plants.

48. Birth month bouquet 

Instead of getting flowers that will die soon, get your mom a timeless bouquet. And this bouquet is even specially made for her birthday month. 

49. Gardening Tools 

And for all the outdoor plants, consider this set of premium gardening tools. This is a gift that plant enthusiasts will love to get and love to use. 

For moms who like to exercise

Support your mom in her healthy habits by getting her one of these awesome exercise gifts. This is one of the best ways to get her a gift she’ll love and get a lot of use out of. 

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50. Exercise Classes Together

Here’s another great idea for an experience gift to do together if your mom does like exercise. Look for yoga or other exercise classes in your area that are a great way to spend quality time while also getting a work out.

51. Apple Watch

Help your mom track all her fitness progress with the ultimate fitness accessory. The Apple Watch is a good option for moms who like exercise and are ok with using technology. And check out all the different colors it comes in.  

52. Exercise Journal

This exercise journal is super helpful for moms who like to stay organized. It will help your mom set her goals and reach those goals by keeping track of all her progress. 

53. Fitness Subscription

Get your mom a gift that keeps on giving like this fitness subscription. She’ll be able to keep using it over and over. Not to mention, this one has numerous types of workouts to choose from that you can do at the gym or at home. 

54. Good Exercise Shoes 

As you get older, the need for the best exercise shoes only increases. But the best shoes don’t come cheap. For your mom’s birthday, get her these running shoes. 

55. Back Stretching Mat

Try out this stretching mat to help with all the tight or sore muscles from exercise. This is a great tool for anyone who exercises or just needs to stretch out their back. 

56. Workout Bag

If your mom likes to exercise outside of her house or has an exercise hobby that keeps her on the go, get her this new workout bag. It’s the perfect size to fit everything she needs while still being able to carry. 

57. Fabletics Gift Card

Fabletics has a great assortment of workout clothes for everyone that are high quality and a great deal! Get your mom a gift card, so she can pick out new exercise clothes she likes.

For moms that love wine

One of my mom’s favorite things, and gifts to receive is wine! Wine glasses, a wine bottle- you name it, and she’s excited to get it. Help your mom celebrate her birthday and let the good times roll with these wine related gifts. 

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58. A Bottle of Her Favorite Wine

You can’t go wrong with a wine you know she loves. And you know she’s definitely going to enjoy it at some point. You could also try a fine wine that’s similar to her favorite type, so she can try something new. 

59. Birthday Queen Wine Glass

To go along with her bottle of wine, get her this birthday queen wine glass to help celebrate the special occasion. She’s sure to enjoy her glass of wine if it’s out of this glass.

60. New Set of Wine Glasses

If your mom likes wine and also likes to entertain guests, she could probably use a new set of wine glasses like this one. Impress her with your taste and helpfulness with this gift. 

61. Customizable Wine Tumbler

How cute is this wine tumbler? You can customize it to look like your mom and put her age on it! This is the perfect unique 60th birthday gift idea. 

62. Personalized Wine Tote Bag

Grab this awesome wine tote bag to go along with all the other great wine themed gifts. This is perfect for any wine lover!

63. Wine Pajama Pants

Check out these cute pajama pants that make the best wine themed gift. Your mom can relax in the best way with a glass of wine in these pajamas. 

64. Wine Cork Frame 

Here’s a fun way to use all the wine corks and decorate her house! Your mom will love this cool gift if she goes through a lot of wine corks. 

65. Personalized Wine Chiller

This is an awesome, personalized gift that any wine lover will get great use out of. She can even use it at her 60th birthday party you throw for her. 

For moms with grandkids

If your mom is anything like my mom, she believes her grandkids are the best thing to ever happen to her. That may sound familiar to you, and, if it does, a gift involving the grandkids is the perfect 60th birthday gift idea.

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66. Pictures of them.

Grandmas can never have too many photos of their grandkids. In the living room, the bedroom, all over the house-there’s always room for more. Get her a large print with a nice frame or a canvas of all the grandkids. 

67. Homemade Stepping Stone

Make a handprint or footprint stepping stone with her grandkids that she will love to put in her yard. This is an easy, inexpensive gift that still means so much to her.  

68. Personalized Grandma Book

How adorable is this customizable greatest grandma book that you can have made for your mom. She will love it, and she’ll love getting to read it to her grandkids. 

69. Homemade Birthday Cards

Have each of her grandkids make her a 60th birthday card or draw her a picture. Then, consider laminating all of them or creating a book out of them, so she can always keep them. 

70. Grandkid Name Necklace

Get this awesome necklace with all your mom’s grandkids names on it. It comes in sterling silver or yellow gold, and it’s completely customizable with up to 20 names. 

71. Grandma’s Garden Pillow

This grandma’s garden pillow is a super cute to help her decorate her home and show off all her grandkids. Get the pillow customized with all her grandkids and their birth month flowers.

72. Grandma Crewneck

Your mom will love cozying up in this sweatshirt that proudly shows off her favorite title. 

73. Personalized Bracelet

Check out this cute bracelet that comes with all the grandkids birthstones on it. This is a simple but meaningful gift your mom can wear all the time to think of her grandkids. 

For moms to help relax

Moms truly do so much for use, and they deserve extra time to relax. Help your mom wind down with this list of 60th birthday gift ideas to help relax.

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74. Spa Gift Card

There’s nothing more relaxing than going to the spa. Get your mom a gift card to spend the day getting pampered. She can choose from whatever sounds most relaxing to her. 

75. Massage Gift Certificate 

Or if there’s a massage place nearby, get her a certificate for a massage. There’s also massages that come to you that you can have done at home. 

76. Home Massager

Or bring the massage home to your mom every night with this awesome at home massage she can keep using over and over. My mom has one of these and loves it!

77. Foot Massager

Also bring the relaxing foot massage home for your mom with this premium foot massager with heat. 

78. Silk Pajamas

These pajamas are a little bit pricey, but they are the ultimate luxury to have for relaxing at home. Cozy Earth is so confident you’ll love these pajamas that they offer a 100 night trial to return them. 

79. Relaxing Birthday Gift Box

If you want a relaxing fit that’s already put together for you, grab this awesome gift box. It has everything you mom needs to relax. 

80. Eye Massager

Here’s a new, relaxing gadget that’s perfect for your mother’s birthday if she gets headaches. This eye massager is specially made to help relieve them. 

81. Milk and Honey Gift Set

Help you mom pamper herself with this deluxe gift set of all natural beauty products. This will make a good 60th birthday gift for mom’s who like to pamper themselves at home. 

turning 60 is a big milestone for your mom, so help celebrate with the perfect gift! Remember for any gift on the list, personalize it to your mom. And say Happy Birthday to your mom from me!

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