79 best gift ideas for a 19 year old female (2023)

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If you’ve ever tried finding the best gift ideas for a 19 year old female, you know how challenging it can be. Luckily, I put together a complete list of all the best gifts for a girl around this age with gifts that will work from anyone. Whether you’re looking for the latest trend or a gift she can keep forever, there’s the perfect gift for every young woman here. 

Apparel Gifts

Teen girls constantly need new clothes and will tell you they ‘have nothing to wear’. Now’s the perfect chance to get her some clothes she’ll love to wear again and again. Here are the best gift ideas for the 19 year old girl in your life. 

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1. Lululemon pants 

Girls can never have too many leggings, and these are the best quality pair you can find. This gift will last her for years. 

2. Woman Tank Top 

This high quality tank top is perfect for any occasion or outfit. Any 19 year old would love it. 

3. Skims Lounge Set 

Help her relax with this ultra comfy losing set. This is the perfect gift for the 19 year old who likes to relax. 

4. Champion Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is the perfect mix of style and comfort that will go with any outfits. Teenage girls can never have too many sweatshirts, and this one comes in all different colors. 

5. Champion Sweatpants

Get the matching sweatpants to complete the outfit for the perfect birthday gift. 

6. Plaid Button Down Jacket 

Here’s a fashionable but comfortable jacket that teen girls will love to wear. The weather changing is always a good reason to get a new jacket, and this one is perfect. 

7. Sweater

This is an ideal gift if you live with a cold winter. A sweater like this is so versatile, and it can be worn for years. It also comes in numerous fun colors! 

8. Sun Dress

For the fashionista in your life, check out this awesome dress. This is a great gift idea for the teen girl who likes to dress up.  

9. Black Dress 

Or for something more neutral, try this stylish black dress. It’s perfect for any occasion and can be dressed up or down.  

10. Barbie Pullover

The hottest trend this year is definitely all things Barbie and her signature pink.  Here’s a super cute Barbie pullover sweatshirt that’s sure to be a favorite.


Shoes are another thing that 19 year old girls can never have enough of. All of these shoes make the perfect Christmas or birthday present for girls of all ages. Here’s the gift guide to the perfect shoes for a teen girl. 

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11. All White Nike Air Force 1 

These sneakers are timeless and always in style. The all white is especially in lately and is an awesome gift that every teenage girl will love.

12. Reebok Sneakers

Or try these trendy ‘new’ sneakers that are actually a retro look coming back. These make a great gift for any stylish teen. 

13. Nike High Tops

Nike knows how to make a classic sneaker, and these are just another great example. And if you start keeping your eye out, you’ll notice these are a staple for both teenage boys and girls now. 

14. Crocs Sandals

You may not even be aware that Crocs make sandals, but they do. And the sandals are very popular among teens, both for their look and their comfort. 

15. Chunky Sandals

Here’s another pair of stylish but comfy sandals girls will love.These are timeless shoes that can be worn for years to come. 

16. Cozy Sandals 

Check out this pair of sandals that are extra cozy for chilly days. My sister, a 19 year old girl, lives in these sandals all year around in our cold climate. 

17. New Balance Sneakers 

​This is another retro style shoe that’s back in style now amongst teenagers and young adults. These also come in a variety of fun colors. 

18. Cloud Slippers 

Another popular shoe trend this year is the cloud slippers. Believe it or not, these are worn for style along with comfort.

19. Sparkly Sandals 

Here’s a great shoe option for dressing up. These will work with so many outfits and look great on anybody.

20. Boots 

If the girl you’re shopping for is more a fan of boots, these are the perfect option for stylish boots this year. She’ll love to receive them!

Tech Gifts 

Check out these awesome and useful tech gifts that are perfect for a 19th birthday gift or Christmas present. There’s always some new gadget or technology, so I’ve found the best ones for this year. 

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21. Nintendo Switch

For all the girls who love gaming, this is the perfect tech gift. The Switch is great because it’s portable, and you can play alone or with others. 

22. Fire stick

Here’s a super useful tech gift that’s perfect for a teenage girl at college. Now she can easily stream anything on her TV. 

23. Cups That Stays Hot 

This is one of my favorite unique gifts on the list because it’s so helpful. This coffee mug will keep your coffee or tea at exactly the perfect temperature you set on your phone. Perfect for coffee lovers, readers, and students, this gift is sure to be a favorite. 

24. AirPods

AirPods are all the rage and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. These are so convenient and useful for anyone.

25. Kindle

For the teenage girl who likes to read, consider getting her a Kindle. This way she can carry thousands of her favorite books with her at all times.  

26. Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone needs a good quality speaker at this age, so check out my favorite one here. A speaker is an especially good gift if the teenage girl you’re shopping for is a music lover. 

27. Tech Notebook

Here’s a super cool and useful tech gift that anyone would love to have. This is an especially awesome gift for students.  

28. Portable Printer

Check out this cool portable printer that’s perfect for a teen girl that takes a lot of photos. Let her easily print out the photos to hang on the wall or decorate her room with.  

29. Apple Watch

A big gift this holiday season is the newest Apple Watch. These are great for students, girls who exercise, or anyone who needs to get there texts and calls to their watch.  

30. Charging station

With all these different gadgets and electronics, get her a central spot to charge everything. This way she doesn’t have to hassle with all the cords anymore.  

Comfy and Relaxing Gifts

Shopping for a 19 year old girl can be hard with so many different trends, styles, and gadgets constantly changing. The good news for gift giving is that almost every girl likes to relax and will love these gifts. 

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31. Comfy 

If you’re having a hard time picking from all the gift options, look no further. This is one of my absolute favorite gifts on the list, and one of my favorite things I’ve ever received as a gift. 

32. Comfy Pajama Set 

Girls can never have too many pajamas because you use them every day! Try relaxing in these super comfy pajama set. 

33. Cozy Pajama Set 

Everyone loves pajamas, and these super soft cotton pajamas are like sleeping wrapped in a warm hug. They come in various colors and are perfect for any girl. 

34. Bootie Slippers 

These slippers are a great addition to any holiday or birthday gifts for teenage girls. They can be worn all the time and make you feel so cozy. 

35. Relaxation Box 

This is the ultimate gift for relaxing with everything you need all together already. The lavender in the box is extra helpful for relaxing and smells amazing. 

36. Self Care Gift Box 

Here’s an amazing gift that’s already put together for you. Just order one gift box, and it’s a complete, thoughtful gift ready to go.

37. Heated blanket 

Heated blankets are amazing for relaxing, especially in the cold months around Christmas time. I received one last year, and still love using it all the time.

38. Candle 

Girls can never have too many candles. Get her this delicious and relaxing candle that she can use all the time. The smell is to die for, and it’s great for bringing calm to any room.

39. Eye massager 

Check out this new eye massaging gadget that helps relax your face muscles and get rid of headaches. 

40. Body Care Set 

Let her pamper herself with this luxurious body care set. With the highest quality items, this is sure to make for a relaxing day.

Accessory Gifts 

No outfit is complete without some fun accessories (if you ask any 19 year old girl!). Check out the latest trends, and the accessories that are timeless. 

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41. Lululemon Belt Bag

This is the ultimate accessory for teenage girls that is here to stay. And this one from Lululemon is the highest quality one around. 

42. Black Belt 

Everyone needs a good black belt that can be worn with multiple different outfits and in different ways. This one is stylish and versatile for any occasion.

43. Cell Phone Purse

This super convenient purse doubles as a wallet and a phone holder. It’s perfect for being on the go or wearing with any outfit on a special occasion.  

44. Backpack

For all the girls on the go or at school, get her this stylish backpack. It still has enough room to carry everything she needs like a computer and books. 

45. Hair Clips

For girls, hair clips seem to mysteriously disappear. This may seem like one of the ‘cheap gifts’, but it’s so useful getting more for all the ones that go missing. 

46. Shopper Bag

Instead of a backpack, get her this stylish bag to carry all her stuff. This one is also big enough for everything she needs. 

47. Belted Coat

For the fall and winter months, get her a stylish coat that can dress up any outfit. This one can be worn on so many different occasions and looks great on everyone. 

48. Black Denim Jacket

Here’s a more casual jacket that’s extremely versatile. She can wear this jacket everyday or with a nice outfit. 

49. Sunglasses

Check out these fun and stylish sunglasses that are a great gift for any teenage girl. These some in a pack, so she has multiple options to choose from. 

50. White Purse

For the ultimate stylish accessory, get her a purse like this one. This one works with a lot of different outfits and has the enough space to still be useful. 

Jewelry Gifts

The ultimate accessory is jewelry, but there were so many amazing options that I had to make jewelry it’s own category. Here’s a list of the best jewelry gifts for 19 year old girls. 

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51. Initial Tag Necklace

Here’s a super cute and meaningful gift that any girl would love. Get her initial or the initial of someone special to her on this awesome necklace. 

52. Name Bracelets

Inspired by the original friendship bracelets we used to make when we were little, these letter bead bracelets are a huge trend now and honestly super cute. Get a few for her with different names, initials, or places. 

53. Hoop Earrings 

If the girl you’re shopping for has her ears pierced, get her some stylish earrings to wear. These are great for everyday wear or for dressing up. 

54. Triple Strand Necklace

​Even as a young adult, I still love this trend of multiple necklaces at once. Here’s a great option that girls will love! 

55. Stackable Rings

Check out these stylish gold, stackable rings that come in a good size pack. These can be used with any outfit on any day, so you know they’ll get a ton of use. 

56. Stackable Bracelets

Here’s an easy way to get multiple gifts that go together. Get her multiple fun, stylish bracelets that she can mix and match with any outfit. 

57. Initial Necklace

These necklaces are an extra fashionable way to get jewelry with her initials on it. 

58. Zodiac Signs Necklace

For all the girls into astrology, this zodiac sign necklace is an amazing gift. The best feature is that these some in gold, rose gold, or sterling silver. 

59. Birth Stone Ring

Here’s a thoughtful, customizable gift that is also super cute. These are the perfect jewelry gift. 

60. Colored Hoop Earrings

Get her some fun accessories that she’ll love to wear with these colorful earrings. There’s so many ways to wear them, and they’ll always look great!

Beauty Gifts

Beauty products can be expensive to buy yourself, but they make the perfect present for a 19 year old. Check out these beauty products that are loved by gift experts and 19 year old girls. 

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61. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Naked palettes are some of the most used and most loved eyeshadows of all time. This particular palette has so many beautiful shades to use and is the right gift for any 19 year old that wears makeup. 

62. Morphe Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re looking for an eyeshadow palette with more vibrant colors, check out this one! Not only is it high quality and large to last a long time, it’s also got so many awesome colors. 

63. Tarte Mascara

The best birthday gifts are things that she already needs and uses regularly like mascara. Try this amazing mascara that’s the perfect blend of volumizing and lengthening for any lashes.

64. Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss

This lip gloss is a fan favorite and was actually recommended to me by a makeup artist. It looks amazing on all complexions, but does come in different shades, too. 

65. Nail Art Kit

Here’s an awesome nail art kit with everything she needs to make some amazing nail creations at home. This is one of the cool gifts she can keep using for a long time. 

66. Nail Salon Gift Card

Or if she’d rather someone else do her nails, get her a gift card to a local nail salon. This is a practical gift that she’s sure to appreciate. 

67. Face Masks

Get her this pack of premium quality, Korean beauty face masks for the perfect complexion. 

68. Shower Steamers

This beauty product is great for relaxing and rejuvenating in the shower. Something small, but nice like this makes a great stocking stuffer. 

69. Makeup Brush Set

If the girl you’re shopping for already has a lot of makeup, get here a set of high quality, award winning makeup brushes. These feel amazing on your skin and apply makeup flawlessly. 

Gifts for College Students

If the 19 year old you’re shopping for is in college, there’s so many great gifts for her dorm room and school life. These are the best gifts to make her college life easier and a whole lot more fun. 

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70. Stanley Cup

This cup is all the range this year, and it’s perfect for the long days at college. Bring it to class, the library, or while running errands around campus. 

71. Instax Camera

Check out this fun camera that’s a great way to document all the fun college experiences. Then, she can also decorate her dorm room with the pictures she takes. 

72. Photo Hanging Lights 

Here’s another great way to decorate a dorm room. This is a gift a teenage girl is sure to use for years to come. 

73. Electric Hot Pot 

Consider this electric pot for college students without a stove. This is one of the best products to help your college girl cook some of her own food in her own dorm room. 

74. Planner

College takes a lot of organization and staying on top of multiple tasks. Get your college student this amazing planner that is sure to keep them on track.  

75. Bedside Caddy 

Make the most of the small spaces in dorm rooms with this bedside caddy to hold all her essentials next to her bed. 

76. Clip On Speaker

Check out this cool speaker that is perfect for clipping onto a backpack. Then, she’ll always have a speaker with her for wherever she ends up. 

77. Party Card Game

Try out this super fun card game to play with a group of friends. This is perfect for teenage girls that like to play games while hanging out with their friends. 

78. Portable Charger

When you’re always on the go and always on your phone at college, this portable charger is the perfect useful gift. Its small size makes it easy to always carry with you and can save you from a dead phone with the long battery life. 

79. Mini Fridge

Most dorm rooms come with some kind of fridge, but get this portable mini fridge as her own personal fridge for her room. This is perfect for small spaces, especially when you have to share a room with others. 

Whether it’s for a Christmas gift, birthday present, or any day in between, there’s the perfect gift for any 19 year old girl here. Happy shopping!

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