61 incredible skiing gift ideas that skiers will love (2023)

Looking for the absolute best skiing gift ideas for the skier in your life? Check out these amazing skiing gifts that are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or the beginning of the skiing season! Whether you’re shopping for a partner, family member, or fellow skier friend, there’s something on this list for everyone. 

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Ski Gear Gifts

Skiing is one sport that requires a lot of gear and tools that also make great practical gifts! Any one of these pieces of ski gear is an ideal present because skiers are sure to use them. Check out the ski gear that made this list of the best gifts. 

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1. A Pair of Skis

Probably the most obvious gift for skiers would be a new pair of skis. But you have to be careful with this gift because there’s so many different kinds based on experience level, size, and type of skiing. If you do want to get them a new pair of skis, then I suggest you have them pick out what they want or get them a gift card.

2. Ski Goggles 

On sunny days out on the slopes, it can be extremely difficult to see with the sun and the glare off the snow. Get the skier in your life a pair of great snow goggles to help. This pair is awesome, high-quality, and looks great.

3. Goggle Case 

Quality ski googles are expensive, and you don’t want them getting scratched or broken. So get your favorite skier this ultra durable goggle case. Now they’ll never have to worry about anything happening to their goggles. 

4. Ski Helmet 

Skiing is more dangerous than probably most people realize, and one of the biggest risk is a head injury. That’s why it’s important to wear a helmet while skiing especially for the harder runs. Get this skiing helmet for them as one of the best Christmas or birthday gifts. 

5. Ski Backpack 

Skiing requires a lot of gear that you have to carry around with you from skis to boots to extra layers of clothes. Get this premium skiing backpack that can hold everything and survive all the backcountry ski trips. 

6. Ski Wax 

Experienced skiers know it’s important to take care of your skis for the best experience and to help them last the longest. Get them this super useful gift to use with their skis.

7. Dakine Torque Driver Tuning Kit 

If you’re looking for a practical gift, this one is perfect for skiers. This is a tool to help them repair or adjust their skis that is small enough to carry with you. They can use it while out on the slopes or in the backcountry when they really need it.

8. Ski Roller Bag 

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in the middle of the mountains, most skiers probably have to travel with their skis. Get them this roller travel bag that’s easy to use and will fit all their gear. This is a great practical gift that they’re sure to use on numerous ski trips.

9. Ski Poles 

Besides the actual skis, this is the most used ski equipment. It’s also ski equipment that’s easy to break and more frequently needs replacing. Get them a nice new pair of ski poles or a back up pair to have for avid skiers. These are great for all skill levels in downhill skiing.

10. Men’s Ski Boots

You can’t ski without ski boots, and they’re not cheap to get yourself. These make a great gift if you know the skiers preference and shoe size. A quality pair of ski boots like these can make a big difference for a ski day.

11. Women’s Ski Boots

Here’s the women’s version of these premium ski boots to help her have the best skiing experience possible. The brand, and specifically this pair, come highly recommended by skiers.

Ski Tech Gifts 

In recent years, there’s been a lot of new and exciting technology coming out for skiing. These are fun gifts to give because you know skiers will love using them. Get your favorite skier one of these high-tech gadgets that make some of the best ski gifts.

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12. GoPro Hero 

Help skiers capture all their epic moments on the slopes with a GoPro Hero. This camera is small and light enough, so they won’t even notice having it on. It’s also durable enough to withstand falls into the snow for all the hardcore skiers.

13. GoPro Accessories 

If you do get them a GoPro, or they already have one, get them the GoPro accessories that lets them mount the camera. This bundle has the wearable harness to get a video from the skiers point of view. It also comes with a mount for the camera that can be attached other places like to a helmet or to skis.

14. Other Action Cameras

If the GoPro is a little too pricey, check out these other great action cameras. Nowadays, there’s multiple good options out there, like this one. It’s much more affordable and has awesome reviews online. 

15. Helmet Speakers

Lots of skiers like to listen to music while out on the slopes, and these helmet Bluetooth speakers are perfect! They fit in almost every helmet and pair with your cell phones for music, calls, and other skiers with the speakers.

16. AirPods

Or get them a pair of AirPods for listening to music while skiing. These are a great option because they can also be used outside of skiing, too. 

17. Apple Watch

Apple watches can really do it all. This is a nice gift that can help them keep track of how far they’ve gone, show them text messages on the mountain, and track their heart rate among many other things as well. And there’s so many great apps made just for skiers (read about them here).

18. EpicMix Season Pass

Get the skier in your life the ultimate subscription. EpicMix is an online ski pass that will tell you everything you need to know about your next ski trip such as snow fall totals, ski lift wait times, and stat tracking while skiing. One of the best things about this pass is that it has interactive trail maps to use out on the mountain. 

19. Portable Charger

This portable charger can be a lifesaver on a long ski day. The battery life of cell phones on the mountains is notoriously bad because of the bad service. Keep this portable charger on you to help recharge your phone. 

20. Rechargeable Hand Warmers 

The greatest ski gift is anything that keeps you warm while being outside on an extremely cold day. Look no further than these stainless steel rechargeable hand warmers. They can be used over and over again!


Ski Themed Gifts

For all the avid skiers out there, this sport is a way of life. Help them decorate their homes, offices, and anywhere they frequent with skiing related gifts. Here’s a ton of skiing themed gift ideas that are all things all skiers would love to have.

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22. Scratch Off Ski Map 

How fun is the scratch off map that allows skiers to document all the awesome places they’ve been? This one is for the major ski spots in the United States, but they do have a worldwide map you can get, too.

23. Ski Stickers 

If you’re looking for budget-friendly skier gifts, or the perfect stocking stuffer for the ski bum in your life, check out these awesome skiing stickers. These are great for decorating a helmet, water bottle, or any other ski equipment.

24. Black Diamond Mug 

Get them this funny skiing mug to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee after a long day skiing. What better way to warm up! This will quickly become a skiers favorite coffee mug.

25. Ski Resorts Prints 

Here’s an awesome home decor skiing gift. These retro ski resort prints look amazing and are affordable if you want to print them out yourself and frame them. These make a great addition to any skiers home or office.

26. Ski Wine and Whiskey Decanter 

For all the skiers that enjoy a nice bottle of wine or whiskey, consider getting them this cool decanter. This is a great skier gift for the ones who like to entertain or have a cabin near a ski resort.

27. Ski Blanket 

To help them warm up after a long day on the mountain, check out this awesome and cozy ski blanket. This is perfect for any bedroom, living room, or ski trip! 

28. Ski Clock 

Check out this awesome skiing clock. This is one of the most unique gifts on the list, but also one of my favorites. Skiers will love to see this hanging in any room.

29. Skiing Pint Glass 

This is the perfect glass for anyone who likes skiing. Get them one or a whole set as a gift. You can also get them this ski bottle opener to go with it. 

30. Wall Mount for Skis 

Help out the skier in your life with this useful gift that allows them to store their skis. This wall mount can fit anywhere and is made to safely hold any size ski. This ensures that the skis don’t get damaged.

31. Car Mount 

Here’s another super helpful and useful gift for a skier to transport their skis. Get them these car mount for their skiing trips, so their skis can safely be transported. The special design keeps skis secure and protects against scratches. 

Women’s Apparel Gifts

Even if you don’t know much about skiing, you know it gets pretty cold out there on the fresh snow. So gift the skier in your life the best quality skiing apparel to stay warm and dry. Here’s the best skiing gifts for women that they can wear.

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32. Merino Wool Base Layer Crewneck 

When you’re out in cold weather all day, the perfect base layer is so important for keeping you warm and wicking away moisture. That’s why you want to find a base layer with 100% merino wool. This natural material is the best for insulation for long days in the snow, but also keeping you dry after all the activity. 

33. Merino Wool Base Layer Pants

Get her the merino wool base layer pants as well, so she can stay entirely insulated while skiing. These are the highest quality pants made from 100% merino wool and sure to last her for years to come.

34. Merino Wool Base Layer Quarter Zip

If you know the skier in your life will be in extra cold temperatures, get her an even thicker wool base layer. This merino wool quarter zip sweatshirt offers even more insulation to keep away the chill on the mountains. 

35. Winter Ski Jacket 

All skiers need an especially warm outer layer jacket for the freezing temperatures. This one is thick, well insulated, and waterproof. It’s a 3-in-1 jacket that consists of an outer shell and an inner jacket to adjust to the conditions you’re skiing in. 

36. Insulator Jacket

If you’re looking for another option, or she already has an outer shell jacket, get her this awesome insulator jacket. It’s a great option for layering in the cold and can be taken on and off while out skiing. This versatile jacket is sure to keep you warm under another jacket or by itself on a cooler day.

37. Winter Hat 

One of the biggest places our bodies loses heat is through our heads. That’s why it’s so important to have a good quality, warm hat on while skiing. This one is sure to keep your head warm and is also super cute.

38. Bibs (Ski Pants)

Another essential piece of ski gear and a great gift idea is a pair of good quality, waterproof, warm bibs. This pair is highly rated and a favorite amongst experienced skiers. She’s sure to use this gift every time she goes skiing.

39. Snow Boots 

For all the snow activities, the skier in your life will need this pair of snow boots (different than ski boots). This pair’s perfect for going to and from the slopes on a snowy day and for hiking in the back country.

40. Sweatshirt 

When it’s a little warmer out, a puffy jacket can be too much. This stylish sweatshirt is perfect for skiing on those warmer days. Made just for skiers, it’s sure to keep you warm and dry.

41. Ski T-Shirt 

Check out this fun and cute skiing T-shirt that’s perfect for every day wear. Skiers can wear it under their other layers or just for a casual outfit. You can never have too many T-shirts!

Men’s Apparel Gifts

A big part of skiing is staying warm and dry out in the snow, so you can enjoy the skiing part. That’s why skiers want to have the best and highest quality apparel while out on the mountains or in the back country. Check out the best ski gifts for men to wear.

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42. Merino Wool Base Layer Crewneck 

While skiing, your bass layer (the clothes closest to your skin) are so important. You want some thing that will keep your body temperature warm and wick away moisture like Merino wool. This base layer crewneck is 100% merino wool, and the absolute best material you can have while skiing, especially in harsh conditions.

43. Merino Wool Base Layer Pants

For the bottom half of the base layer, get your favorite skier these 100% merino wool pants. A lot of times we forget about the bottom layer and just buy shirts and jackets. He’ll be sure to appreciate these pants that are perfect for winter athletes.

44. Merino Wool Hoodie

For even colder days on the mountains, get him this marina wool hoodie for a base layer. This one is a little thicker and has a hood to keep your even warmer. This is a great ski gift that’s a good idea for any guy.

45. Insulator Jacket

As any avid skier will tell you, the best way to dress for skiing is with layers. This insulator jacket is perfect for layering according to how cold it is outside. This one can easily fit under a bigger jacket, or can be worn by itself making it an excellent gift for skiers.

46. Ski Jacket 

Thick winter jackets like this one can be expensive to buy yourself, so they make the perfect gift for the upcoming ski season. The male skiers will love this snow jacket and how warm it keeps you out in the snow.

47. Beanie

Help him keep his head warm while skiing with this high-quality beanie hat. This hat will fit nicely under a helmet or thicker hat. It can also be worn on any cold day to complete a stylish outfit.

48. Merino Wool T-Shirt 

You may be noticing a theme with the material of all these skiing apparel gifts. That’s because merino wool is truly the best option for cold days outdoors and a favorite among skiers, snowboarders, and hikers. This t-shirt is the perfect base to keep anyone warm and dry outside. 

49. Bibs 

Bibs are essential for skiing, so skiers are sure to get a ton of use out of this gift. The best feature of bibs compared to regular snow pants is the adjustable straps for the perfect fit and to keep them in place all day. These bibs are waterproof and warm, but also easy to move in for the best skiing.

50. Boots 

Help him get where he needs to go with warm feet in these snow boots. Your feet are another place you lose a lot of heat, so you want to keep them well insulated while walking in the snow. These are a great gift for anyone who is regularly out in the snow.

51. Ski Sweatshirt 

For every day wear or warmer days skiing, get him this cool skiing sweatshirt. He sure to get a lot of use out of it as it can be worn at any time.

Other Apparel Gifts

There’s so many apparel items skiers need like gloves, hats, socks, and everything in between. You can never have too much ski gear to keep you warm. Check out all these other apparel gifts that work for both men and women.

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52. Ski Gloves 

If you’ve ever been skiing before (or done any winter sport), you know how easy it is for your hands to get cold. That’s why it’s so important that skiers have the best gloves possible with the warmest and softest glove liners. This pair of the best ski gloves is a favorite among skiers and has numerous five star reviews online.

53. Heated Mittens 

Warm gloves are one of the most important pieces of apparel for a skier. Here’s a great gift for skiers in extremely cold conditions. These heated gloves are sure to keep you warm and are so convenient out in the snow.

54. Face Mask 

Another spot that often gets too cold while skiing is your face. Get your favorite skier this face mask to help with the chill out on the slopes. This comes in different colors and designs as well and is a good gift for any winter athlete. 

55. Merino Wool Ski Socks 

As with most skiing gear, 100% merino wool is the recommended material to keep you warm and dry. These socks are sure to keep your feet insulated during a long day on the slopes. Just make sure you’re buying ones that say 100% wool, as many are mixed with other material that won’t work as well. 

56. Merino Wool Neck Gaiter 

This is an awesome skiing accessory to have to keep your neck warm. This is sure to stay in place and not blow around, unlike scarves. You can also pull it up and use it as a face mask.

57. Wool Slippers 

Back at the ski lodge, warm up those feet after a long day of skiing with these amazing wool slippers. These are also made with merino wool and sure to last for many years. My feet feel warmer just looking at them.

58. North Face Hat 

Here’s a great, versatile winter hat for both men and women that’s perfect for any day outside. This is sure to keep your head and ears warm and can be used as a base layer on even colder days. 

59. Thermal Headband 

Here’s a great gift for skiers on those days that are a little bit warmer or who just don’t like wearing a hat. This winter headband is great for keeping your ears warm and can also be worn under ski helmets.

60. Wool Boot Liners

Add an extra layer for your feet on cold days. These wool boot liners can be added to snow boots or ski boots to help keep warm.

61. Hand Warmers 

This isn’t exactly apparel, but it’s one skiers can wear with their apparel to keep warm. Get them a box of disposable hand warmers if you’re looking for a useful but inexpensive gift.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these gifts for skiers. If you are looking for an experience gift, try taking them on a ski trip or buying them a ski pass! Happy Shopping!

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