45 Romantic Homemade Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (2023)

Check out my best romantic gift ideas for your boyfriend that you can make yourself! There’s something here for everyone (even if you’re not crafty or creative!) for any special occasion like birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or your anniversary. Find the perfect gift for your best friend with this full list for any boyfriend at any stage of your relationship. 

Romantic homemade gifts for your boyfriend

1. Jar of Notes

This is the perfect thoughtful but simple to make gift for any DIY skill level. All you need for this gift is a mason jar, sticky notes, and a pen. Then think of all the things you love about your boyfriend. 

This is an extremely thoughtful gift that he can enjoy for days to come. This is also great idea for couples in a long-distance relationship. I made one of these for my husband when we were dating in college, and he still has it today.

2. 52 Reasons I Love You

This is another cute way to tell your boyfriend all the things you love about him. Get a deck of cards and write 52 reasons or things you love about him. This is perfect if your boyfriend loves to play card games or if you’re just looking for an easy homemade gift. 

All need for this one is a deck of cards, a hole punch, sharpie, and a metal ring. Then, write one reason on each of the cards, hole punch in the top corner and connect them all with a metal ring that you can find at any office supply or craft store.

3. Picture Box 

I made this picture box for my now husband when we were dating as a birthday gift. This DIY picture box looks way more complicated than it really is. Anyone with basic craft supplies can do it, and it’s the perfect way to surprise him.

Choose some of your favorite photos together, and then think of a special hidden message to put in the middle of the box. Here’s full instructions on how to make the box.

4. Picture Collage 

A picture collage is a great gift to highlight all the special occasions you’ve spent together. There’s easy tools online you can use to make one and have it printed out. Or you can have photos printed and make your own collage.

5. Date Ideas Jar 

Create this fun date night ideas jar with just a mason jar and some popsicle sticks. You can find a whole list of date night ideas online or think of things your boyfriend already likes to do. This is one of the romantic gifts that you guys can enjoy together and keep enjoying for many date nights to come.

6. Scrapbook

If you’re really crafty and have the supplies, create a scrapbook from your boyfriend. Put together all the special times and activities you’ve done together like photos, letters, and ticket stubs. Put them all together in a book like this one for him to enjoy. 

You can also include some cute notes or quotes about love that you like. This is one of the handmade gifts that takes the most time and work, but also will be the most appreciated.

7. Open When Letters 

Check out this awesome idea to write your boyfriend letters for specific times in your life or in your relationship. You can write the letter, and then label the envelope when he should read it. 

For example, label one of your letters “open when it’s our anniversary” or “open when you miss me“. This is the best gift for long distance relationships or if your boyfriend’s love language is words of affirmation. This gift can be enjoyed for many days to come and is very customizable to each person.

8. Phone Case 

A phone case is great idea for something that’s very personalized but easy to do. Make your boyfriend a phone case with pictures of you together. This is the best way to make something he will use every day. 

You just need to know what size of phone case to get, but you can find clear ones on Amazon. Try it out for his birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. Now he can think of you anytime he uses his phone.

9. Care Package

Make him a thoughtful and personalized care package! Find any kind of gift box or reusable basket and fill it with all of his favorite things. Think of his favorite candy, favorite snacks, drinks he likes, or games he likes to play. 

A gift like this will let him know you’re thinking of him on any special occasion. This is one of the best DIY gifts because the possibilities are endless!

10. Photo Box

Make this cool photo gift box as either an easy gift on its own or with another romantic homemade gift you get him. This homemade gift box is great for any occasion. 

The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. All you need is a few of the right supplies. that’s gonna be a great first anniversary gift to make with all the pictures of your first year together.

11. Accordion Album 

If you do have a lot of photos together, make this accordion album to show them off. If you like crafty gifts, this is an awesome option. But it is still easy enough for anyone to make.

12. Photo Candle 

Before making this article I didn’t even know you could do this, but look how awesome these photo candles are. Take a favorite photo of you two together and make it into a candle he can have. 

This is a good idea for any guy, and a fun way to make any room more cozy. The best part is you can use any candle with any scent that you like.

13. Personalized Mug 

If you’re looking for a simple gift that’s still meaningful, make him a personalized mug. This is perfect for coffee lovers or tea drinkers. And if your boyfriend likes sentimental gifts he can also use, this is a great option.

You can make a sharpie mark like this one or you can go onto any photo website and have a photo of you two printed on a mug. Either way, it’s pretty easy and customizable.

14. Personalized Blanket

If you do like the idea of personalizing a gift with a photo, consider getting a blanket with a photo of you two together. Photo websites also make this really easy to do. You just have to choose a good photo. 

This is a great gift for any guy cause some point they’re going to need a blanket. What better way to get him a useful gift than something he can use in his living room, bedroom, or at college like this blanket.

45 DIY gift ideas for your boyfriend

15. Bottle Cap Frame 

Here’s a great option if your boyfriend is an avid beer drinker and one of the more easy DIY gifts. Save the bottle caps from his favorite beers, ciders, or ales to make him this cute picture frame. This gift is great because it’s very personal and easy to customize, while still being simple to make. You can find the full instructions here.

16. Clock

This is another great way to make a romantic homemade gift that he can use in his house or apartment. Gather up your favorite photos of the two of you and make your very own clock with them. This is something he can use for years to come and still enjoy.

17. Photo Calendar

Check out this great simple gift idea that makes a perfect stocking stuffer or smaller gift that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Make him a calendar with photos of you together. You can even mark important days on the calendar like your anniversary or when you met, so he won’t forget either. 

Websites make it super easy to make, and have tons of options to customize it. I made one for my boyfriend through Shutterfly, and it was a breeze.

18. Wood Slice 

If your boyfriend is more of the rustic type, make him these photo wood slices. They’re surprisingly easy to make and turn out really cute. 

All you need to do is follow these simple instructions and find a good slab of wood. You can find wood slices like this one at most craft stores like Hobby Lobby, or even here on Amazon.

19. Bath Salt and Scrub

Help your boyfriend relax with this homemade bath salt and scrub. This is the perfect homemade gift to help him relax and pamper him. It’s also very easy to make and you can make a little extra for yourself. too. You can customize the scent with the different essential oils that you choose to use.

20. Ornament 

Get your boyfriend this cute ornament to decorate around Christmas time. You can get one to celebrate all the special occasions and dating memories together like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or when you met.

21. Gift Card Bouquet

Here’s a creative DIY gift and a homemade gift that’s also super useful. Get your boyfriend a few gift cards to his favorite places, and then make them into a bouquet like this one. You can also give him gift cards to places you can go together or that go along with date night ideas. This gift can be as romantic as you want to make it and has a lot of room for creativity to tailor to your partner’s tastes.

22. Song Lyric Picture 

if you and your boyfriend have a favorite song together, you can make him or buy one of these song lyric signs. This one on Etsy is a good example of one you can buy that’s super cute. But you could also use this DIY version. It may take a couple tries to get the spacing just right, but the end result is worth it for this unique gift.

23. Candle

Make your boyfriend his very own candle (or make a few) with this easy to follow recipe. Candles are very romantic on their own, but you can make it even more personalize with his favorites scent. Or you can make sense that remind him of you for the perfect DIY gift idea.

24. Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

Here’s a great idea for something you can make yourself that your boyfriend will love. If he like sweet treats, there’s nothing more romantic than chocolate covered strawberries. These are easy to make yourself and pretty inexpensive. 

And the best part is your boyfriend is sure to love them because it’s one he gets to eat. Here’s a post with the recipe and some tips on how to make the best ones.

25. Map Photo

This is a great romantic, homemade gift for all the long distance relationships out there. All you need to do is print out two maps from Google maps of where you currently are and where your boyfriend currently is. Then put them together with a connecting line in a cute frame. 

This is a great decoration that he can use to think of you, and one of the best homemade long distance relationship gifts. Check out the full project here.

26. Where We Met Photo 

This gift also uses a map, but the map is for significant places in your relationship. You can have a map for where you met, your first date, where you live, or anywhere you can think of as special. What a sweet way to remember important places for you and your boyfriend. 

You can buy one of these that comes made for you, but they’re pretty easy to make yourself. Here’s full instructions on how to make it look great.

27. Playlist

If you’re operating on a small budget, or your boyfriend loves music, consider making him a playlist. This is a free gift, but still so sentimental and a labor of love to make it just right.  Create the perfect mix of songs that are significant to your relationship and that remind you of your love story. 

Spotify and Apple Music both make it super easy to make a playlist and share it with others. And then it’s always there for him to listen to.

45 homemade gift ideas for him

28. Date Night Gift Box

Think of this gift like a care package, but it’s all themed around a date that you plan for him. One of the easiest and cutest examples is a movie night box for a date night at home watching your favorite movies filled with popcorn, candy, and drinks. 

You can also make one for coffee dates, restaurant dates, or adventure dates. I’ve seen some pretty creative ideas, and this is an easy way create a gift according to what your boyfriend likes.

29. Homemade Coupons 

This is one of my favorite gifts, and one I still use with my husband because of how easy it is to fit the person and the occasion. You can make a homemade coupon book of things that your boyfriend might like to get or do with you. Think of things like“a one free coupon to watch his favorite movie” or “one date as favorite restaurant“. 

They can be as little, big, extravagant, or an expensive as you’d like. This in an awesome DIY gift because it’s so easy to make. 

30. Comic Book

Try making him a homemade comic book about him, or about your love story together. If you’re good at drawing, go for it yourself. 

Otherwise, there’s this website that helps you make one and customize it to your relationship. You can even choose the graphics. The end result looks great, and this is a keepsake he’ll want to have forever.

31. Homemade Beard Oil 

Make him his own beard oil to help him look his best and take care of his beard. This recipe is easy to follow and smells great. This special gift is an awesome way to help your boyfriend relax while also taking care of himself.

32. DIY Valentines Day Cards

Don’t underestimate the importance of a homemade valentine’s day cards as part of a romantic gift for your boyfriend. Leave him a special message and put extra time into a romantic card to show him how much you love him. 

Here’s a few examples of amazing looking cards that you can make. He’ll appreciate the love and care put into it, and this goes great with any other gifts on the list. Put together the perfect valentine’s day gift starting with a card.

33. Sports Pillow

If you’re looking for handmade gift ideas for a boyfriend that’s a big sports fan, try making him these pillows. These don’t take much time to finish, but look great! And you don’t even need a sewing machine! 

34. Homemade Blanket

These handmade fleece blankets are a wonderful surprise gift for your special guy! This blanket is a great idea because you can use his favorite color or patterns he likes such as his favorite sports team. Then, you can snuggle up together.

35. Video Game Coasters

For all the boyfriends who love video games, these are the perfect gift idea you can do yourself. This DIY project doesn’t take too much work, but the finished gift looks awesome! Your boyfriend will love this fun gift!

36. DIY Photo Canvas

Take your favorite photo of you and your boyfriend and make it into a canvas! There are websites that will do it, but, depending on the size, that can be expensive. Try doing it yourself for this easy and excellent gift. 

Here’s the full instructions that make it so simple to do. This is one of the more creative gifts on the list that may take more time but can still be done by anyone!

45 Homemade valentines gift ideas

37. Private Chefs Cooking Class

Get an experience gift for the two of you to do together! This is so much fun, and you’ll learn something together, too. Have a private chef come to your house or go to a class to learn to cook together. 

38. Homemade Romantic Dinner

If you don’t want to do the whole cooking class, another one of the most romantic gestures is making him a special dinner. Cook everything yourself, and set up a romantic atmosphere in your home. This is better than any store-bought gifts, and your boyfriend is sure to always remember these special days.

39. Romantic Scavenger Hunt

For the boyfriend that’s always up for an adventure, set up a romantic scavenger hunt for him. Plan out the clues to bring him to special places around town like where you met or your first date. This is great for boyfriends who like experiences over physical gifts.

40. His Favorite Activity

One of the most common love languages is quality time, and, if that’s true for your boyfriend, get him the gift of doing one of his favorite activities with him. Spending time with him is more valuable than any gift you could find. This is one of the easiest romantic homemade gifts because you don’t have to actually make anything besides a card saying you’re going to do the activity!

41. Photo Album

This is one of the more simple DIY gifts, but a photo album is an awesome gift to receive (and easy to put together!). Document your love life together with ll the photos of the two of you. All you need to do is find a cute photo album and get the pictures printed out. 

42. DIY Photo Frame

If you don’t want to put together a whole album, make one of these DIY photo frames for some cool gift ideas. These are the perfect level of DIY for beginners and make awesome romantic homemade gift ideas for any occasion. 

43. Book Photo Frame

I had to make this DIY photo frame it’s very own number because it’s so unique, and the perfect homemade gift if your boyfriend is a book lover. Take a copy of one of his favorite books and make it into this awesome frame! You just need to find the perfect photo of you two together. 

44. Relationship Bracelets

Like friendship bracelets, relationship bracelets are one of the cute DIY gifts you can make for both of you! Here’s an example of a pair you can buy, but you can easily make you own. With your own, it’s much easier to customize them to your relationship. 

45. One-A-Day Love Letters

Here’s a great idea for a romantic homemade gift if you enjoy writing. Write your boyfriend a number of love letters to read everyday! These are a heartfelt way to show him how much you love him and make him a gift he’ll keep forever. 

Check out how to make him an advent calendar, too!

If you like making your own gifts, you’ll love all these ideas to make him his very own advent calendar this holiday season. Check out all the great DIY ideas here.

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