61 Ultimate Weightlifter Gift Ideas in 2024

Find the perfect weightlifter gift ideas for Christmas, Father’s Day, birthdays, or any special occasion. Here’s a full gift guide including the perfect gift for any weightlifter in your life. 

Choosing the perfect gift idea for a weightlifter can be a fun and thoughtful process. When I’m shopping for my husband who’s a fitness enthusiast and weightlifter, I often go to these weightlifting gifts for holidays. And he always loves them because he uses them so much!

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At-Home Gym Equipment 

Help the weightlifter in your life build their own or add to their at-home gym. Gym equipment is not cheap, so weightlifters would love getting it as a gift. Here’s the best at-home gym equipment you can get a weightlifter for any special occasion.

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1. Adjustable Dumbbell Set 

For the weightlifter in your life that has an at home gym, or wants to start one, get them this set of adjustable dumbbells. These are perfect for any at-home workouts because then you don’t have to buy a whole set of dumbbells. This particular set also has extendable handles to make the dumbbells into barbells, too.

2. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

If you want to get the highest quality adjustable dumbbell set, get them these Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells. These are a favorite among anyone who’s serious about strength training and for good reason. These make working out super easy and can hold a lot of weight.

3. Fold Up Squat Rack 

Another premium at home gym set to get a weightlifter is this squat rack workout station that folds up onto the wall. This is everything a weightlifter would need for at-home workouts, but the best part is that it folds into the wall for someone with a small space. Everyone I know that has this absolutely loves it.

4. Basic Squat Rack 

Here’s a more basic option for a squat rack, but still one of the best fitness gifts. This option is sturdy and more affordable. Weightlifters can still have a great workout on this one, too.

5. Basic Bench Press 

Another essential piece of gym equipment for weightlifters is a bench press. This bench press is a good gift for at-home gyms because it’s affordable, sturdy, and easy to fit in a gym space.

6. Set of Kettle Bells

Kettle bells are a super useful workout tool, and they come in all different sizes and weights. A basic set like this is perfect for anyone’s at-home gym. 

7. Set of Resistance Bands 

Help them get a more dynamic workout with a set of heavy duty resistance bands. These can be attached to barbells for an increase in difficulty, or they can be used on their own. These are the perfect addition to any at-home gym.

8. Medicine Balls

Another great piece of workout equipment that your bodybuilding friend or family member is sure to use are medicine balls. You can get them one or a whole set for their at-home gym.

9. Gym Mats

Because weightlifters tend to drop heavy weights while lifting, it’s important to have the right flooring for an at-home gym. Help them out by gifting them these high-quality material mats. These are thick and sturdy enough for any amount of weight.

10. Bumper Plates

If your favorite weightlifter already has an at-home gym, get them another set of weight plates. These are the plates weightlifters use on a barbell, and they can always use more. This set is high-quality and used for olympic weightlifting.

11. Barbells 

For an at-home gym that has a squat rack or bench press, a barbell like this one is essential. These don’t come with the other pieces of gym equipment, and you have to buy them separately. So buy one for the weightlifter in your life as a perfect lifting gift.

12. Cable Column Machine 

Here’s another great piece of gym equipment that weightlifters would love to have for their at-home gym. This one is an investment, but it will get tons of use from any weightlifter. There’s so many ways to work out with it, and it’s a great addition to any at-home gym.

13. Push Up Handles

Check out this great small gift for weightlifters and exercise buffs. Help them get the proper form push-up every time with these push-up handles that are adjustable and have a different color to help you work different muscles. These are affordable but still a great gift for weightlifters.

14. Ab Roller Wheel 

Another small but awesome gift for weightlifters is this ab roller wheel. This is sure to take core workouts to the next level for any weightlifter.

15. Plyo Boxes 

This plyometric training box is a great way to help weightlifters train in all areas. This is one of my husband’s favorite pieces of equipment to change things up. It’s versatile, so they can be used in so many different ways in any at-home gym.

16. Blaze Pods

Bring your workout to the next level with these blaze pods that are a fan favorite. Not only do they help you build muscle, but they also help improve reaction time.

17. Pull-Up Bar 

Pull-ups are a common upper body exercise for most weightlifters. Here’s another great addition to at-home gyms for weightlifters who enjoy pull-ups. This pull up bar will fit on any door and hold any amount of weight.

Gifts They Can Use at the Gym

If your weightlifting friend or family member doesn’t have an at-home gym, then they frequent another gym. That means they need all the equipment and gear for weightlifting at the gym. Get the gym lovers one of these amazing gifts they can use while at the gym.

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18. Weightlifting Belt

If you’ve ever seen a weightlifter at the gym, you’ve probably seen them with this belt on. This belt helps weightlifters support their core and lower back while performing heavy lifts. This is a practical gift that will get a lot of use and really help weightlifters perform their best.

19. Wrist Wraps 

Another area that weightlifters need support is in their wrists. These provide wrist support and are a perfect stocking stuffer or small gift for a weightlifter. They really help if you’re going to be lifting heavy weight and are made with adjustable straps to fit anybody. 

20. Liquid Chalk 

Chalk is commonly used by weightlifters, so they don’t lose their grip on the barbell and can get a better lift. This liquid chalk is great because it’s less messy and easier to carry around than dry truck. This is a great stocking stuffer or small gift.

21. Gloves

Weightlifting with the metal bars causes a lot of wear and tear on your skin. Weightlifters prefer to use gloves like these. This is a great practical gift to get any weightlifter, and these even have extra wrist support to help with heavy lifting.

22. Wireless Headphones

Listening to music is often essential for weightlifters during their workouts. Get them this set of wireless earbuds as a great choice they can use at the gym. This makes lifting easy with no cords to get tangled up.

23. Over the Head Headphones

If you know the weightlifter in your life doesn’t like the small wireless earbuds (like me!), they also make these great over the head wireless headphones. These may stay on better, or some people just like the look of these better. This particular pair comes with great reviews, and it’s worth the investment.

24. Gym Bag

Carrying all this workout gear to and from the gym can be a hassle if you don’t have a great gym bag. This gym bag is a great option for any weight lifter and can be used all the time.

25. Backpack

Another great option for carrying everything to and from the gym is a backpack. Some people prefer a backpack because it’s more convenient for them. This backpack is great for weightlifters and has plenty of space to carry everything they need.

26. Water Bottle

Check out this gym water bottle that’s a favorite among fitness enthusiasts. This is an amazing gift because it’s easy  to carry around, holds enough water, and has a spot for your phone and keys.

27. Blood Flow Restriction Bands

Blood flow restriction bands are a tool that some weightlifters use to increase their lifting performance. These bands are worn during lifting to increase muscle strength during a heavy lift.

28. Knee Sleeves

Your knees are another spot that needs extra support when doing any kind of lift with your legs. Weightlifters favor these knee sleeves to help prevent injury and give them extra support while lifting.

Recovery & Post Work Out Gifts 

Here’s all even more great gift ideas for the fitness lover or weightlifter in your life. I’ve gotten a few of these gifts for my husband, and he even uses some in his physical therapy practice for muscle recovery. This list of gifts are the very top gifts you can get to help with sore muscles after a hard lift. 

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29. TriggerPoint Grid Foam Rollers

These specially designed and patented foam rollers provide firm compression to help relieve sore muscles. This is a thoughtful gift to help in the recovery process of weightlifters. 

30. Massage Gun

Massage guns are a very popular gift for any kind of fitness lover, and an effective option for helping sore muscles. This particular option come with adjustable heads and speeds for exactly what you need.

31. Hand Roller

Here’s a classic recovery tool that’s been used by weightlifters and athletes for years. This muscle roller is easy to carry with you, can be used anywhere, and much less likely to break than a massage gun.

32. Compression Boots

Check out these automatic leg compression boots that are perfect for sore leg muscles. These also help with restless legs and improving circulation.

33. Hyperice Venom Go

This high tech recovery tool is one of the ideal gift options for the best muscle recovery. This wearable device delivers heat and vibration right to sore muscles for optimal healing and recovery. 

34. Trigger Point Release Ball

Get this awesome handheld trigger point release device is perfect for muscle recovery and relieving muscle cramps. The compact size means that it is great to carry with you to the gym or anywhere you decide to work out. This one even sticks to the wall to use on your back.

35. Stretching Strap 

This stretching strap is the right gift for anyone who frequently works out and has sore muscles. This strap comes with a guide book and app for your phone to explain exactly how to use it for each muscle. 

36. Toe Spacers

My husband swears by these toe spacers. After the high pressure on your feet from lifting, help naturally stretch the foot and toe muscles with these silicone toe spacers. These help realign your toes and feet to a nature position to better support your ankles, knees, and hips. 

37. Oofos Slides 

Check out these specially designed sandals made for recovery. This high quality pair of slides feels great on your feet and is a favorite amongst athletes and lifters for full body recovery. There’s many different color options to customize them for anyone you’re buying this gift for. 

Nutrition Gifts for Weightlifters 

For serious weightlifters, nutrition is really important to help build up muscle and keep your body healthy. Get them one of these great nutrition gifts that’s super useful. Here’s all the best gifts that weightlifters are sure to love and use often.

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38. Plant-Based Protein Powder 

Maybe the most common nutrition tool used by weightlifters is protein powder, and definitely the most used in our household after the gym. When you exercise and lift weight all the time, it’s important to keep your protein intake up, so get them this great plant-based protein powder. This is perfect for drinking with smoothies or protein shakes in milk or water.

39. Whey Protein Powder 

Here’s another popular option for protein powders, but this one is whey based high-quality protein. Both of these are great options after all the hard work and come in chocolate or vanilla. And this brand is highly rated and used among weightlifters.

40. Protein Bars 

Another great idea to get more protein in their diet is by having protein bars. These ones are chock-full of good protein and also taste delicious. Weightlifters are sure to love this delicious and useful gift.

41. Electrolyte Powders 

If you’re weight training and sweating all the time, it’s important to get back those electrolytes. Get the weightlifter in your life these electrolyte packets that are easy to use and carry with you to the gym. This particular kind is also great because there’s no added sugar or harmful ingredients (and it taste delicious I have them all the time!).

42. Athletic Greens Powder 

Not only is protein important, but it’s imperative for weightlifters to get all the vitamins and minerals. They need to keep their body healthy after strenuous workouts. This is a great practical gift, and something weightlifters are sure to appreciate.

43. Food Scale 

Serious weightlifters have to intake a precise amount of protein each day, so get them this digital food scale to help track their protein intake. This scale is the one we’ve used for years and love. This will go great with the protein powder gifts, too.

44. Pre-workout 

Pre-workout powder is something weightlifters always use before going to the gym. This helps them perform their best and gives them extra energy during that workout. Check out this highly rated and yummy brand of pre-workout.

45. Blender Bottle 

To use all these nutrition gifts and powders, get a weightlifter these classic blender bottles to mix everything up. These are easy to use on the go when you’re coming to and from the gym as well as easy to clean. A shaker bottle makes a perfect gift if you’re looking for something small and an expensive that’s very useful for fitness fanatics.

46. Smoothie Maker 

If you’re looking for a bigger gift to help with nutrition, check out this premium blender to make the perfect smoothie. We’ve had this blender in successful use for years with no problems. The weightlifter in your life can make some pretty yummy protein smoothies with this gift. 

47. Clean Energy Drinks

A lot of weightlifters like to drink energy drinks before working out, so get them these clean energy drinks. These are a little healthier and have better ingredients than the average energy drink, but are still pretty tasty. 

Apparel Gifts for Weightlifters

Weightlifting apparel gifts are sure to get a lot of use from weightlifters. Check out the gift guide for the best gifts you can get a weightlifter to wear during their workouts.

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48. Converse 

It’s important for weightlifters to have flat shoes while lifting, and Converse are still a favorite for heavy lifters. These shoes are great for lifting because they’re so flat and have good grips. They also come in many colors and look stylish.

49. Adidas Weightlifting Shoes

Here’s another great pair of lifting shoes for serious weightlifters. These are also really flat with the grips on the bottom. Shoes are one of the most important apparel items for weightlifters, so consider getting them a new pair of shoes.

50. Reebok Weightlifting Shoes 

Check out this pair of lifting shoes for even more options. These come in many colors and patterns and are customizable to the weightlifter in your life. Make sure they have great shoes while lifting, so they don’t injure themselves and can get the best lift.

51. Training Shoes

These weightlifting shoes are a favorite amongst serious powerlifters. They come with a lot of support, but still have flat souls for the big lifts. Shoes like this make the perfect lifting Christmas or birthday gift. 

52. Workout Tank Top 

Get the weightlifter in your life a practical gift that will get a ton of use. These workout tank tops come highly rated and would be great for any lifter or personal trainer.

53. Hooded Tank Top for Men 

A lot of weightlifters like to have a shirt or tank top with a hood on it. That’s why this tank top is a great option and can be used by weightlifters all the time. You’ve probably seen weightlifters at the gym wearing something like this.

54. Tank Tops for Women

If you’re shopping for a female weightlifter, consider getting her these cropped tank tops that are made for exercising. The unique design looks stylish but also provides a lot of support. These are my personal favorite to workout in.

55. Tank Top 

Another great option for female weightlifters is this set of cotton tank tops. These will go great with any workout outfit. They’re also super soft and comfortable to wear.

56. Shorts for Men

Another apparel gift that weightlifters will use all the time is gym shorts. Shorts are essential to any weightlifting outfit, so get them these best-selling shorts.

57. Leggings for Men 

Male weightlifters also like to wear leggings under their shorts to lift. Here’s a great pair of leggings for men to work out in. These are high-quality and sure to last a long time.

58. Leggings for Women

Female weightlifters also love leggings for working out. This pair of high-quality leggings are some of the best options for a serious lifter as they are thick enough not to show through or rip.

59. Shorts for Women

Here’s a great set of shorts for female weightlifters. These shorts are thick and sturdy to withstand any work out. They’ll look great with anything and sure to be a favorite.

60. Sweatshirt

Get any weightlifter in your life this funny but relatable weightlifting sweatshirt. Weightlifters will love that it has the big three left, and they’re sure to wear it all the time. 

61. Socks 

Some weightlifters (like my husband) prefer to do heavy lifts in just their socks, so get them this pair of specially made lifting socks. They have grips on the bottom for just that reason. These long socks also help support the foot and ankle.

Consider their skill level and specific interests within weightlifting when choosing the perfect gift. Whether they’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s something on this list that will make their weightlifting experience even more enjoyable.

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