81 Gnarly Gift Ideas for Skateboarders (2023)

Need some awesome gift ideas for skateboarders? Check out the best gifts for anyone who loves to skate at any skill level. These great gift ideas are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion.  

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1. New board 

Perhaps the most obvious gift for a skateboarder-a new board! If you’re shopping for an experienced skater, you should ask them the specific type and size of board they want. You can even get complete skateboards made with original designs on it.

2. GoPro Hero  

This action camera is one of the best gift ideas for passionate skateboarders. Let them record all of their best tricks and skating sessions with this awesome camera. 

3. Helmet Speakers

Check out these awesome bluetooth speakers that stick to the inside of a helmet. These speakers eliminate the need to keep headphones in, and can still play music pretty loud. Lots of skaters find them more comfortable than headphones. 

4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

For the long days at the skate park, get them a high quality speaker that is easy to carry but loud enough to hear over the noise. One of the best parts of this speaker is just how loud it can get. 

5. Grind Rail 

Finding flat bars to practice tricks, and can be difficult for skaters, so get them their own grind rail. This one is the ideal material and length for skaters, and will make an amazing gift.

6. Ramp

Another great skating tool for skateboarders to receive as a gift is a ramp. Depending on where you live, quality ramps can be hard to find  

7. Skate Shoes 

The shoes you wear while skating are important for your best performance, so get them a new pair of the best skating shoes. This pair was even voted as the best skateboarding shoes by Outdoor Gear Lab.

8. Electric Skateboard

Here’s a fun new board that skaters will love to try! This electric skateboard is less for doing tricks, and more for riding faster! 

9. Gift Cards to Local Skate Shop 

I love being able to support local shops whenever I can, and often times there’s a local shop for skaters wherever there’s a skate park. This way the skater in your life can pick out something they want or love. 

10. Skate Lessons

If you’re looking for an experience birthday or Christmas gift, get your skater some lessons. Even the more experienced skaters can learn from experts and have a blast skating with them at the same time. 

11. Skateboard Deck

Instead of a whole new board, you can just get them a new deck to use. A fresh deck is a cool gift to give because then the skater in your life can switch them out as they want. And there’s so many fun designs to choose from. 

12. Gloves 

Of all the cool gifts that are also very practical, these gloves are up their with the best. These are used by skaters to keep their balance while also keeping their hands from getting scraped up. 

13. Grip Tape 

Any experienced skater will tell you how much grip tape they go through, making this the perfect way to get them a useful gift. They make all different types of grip tape, but this is my personal recommendation as it’s the most commonly used amongst skaters.

14. Grip Tape Cleaner 

This gripe tape cleaner is a good idea for any skateboarder. As they use more and more grip tape, their board can turn into a sticky mess. This may seem like just a simple gift, but it’s a gift with great value. 

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15. Water Bottle 

Skateboarding can be exhausting, especially outside on hot days. This stainless steel water bottle is the perfect choice for long days at the skate park, and it can be easily carried with you. 

16. Knee pads 

Protective gear is really important when you’re skating because it’s so easy to fall. And this is not just for young kids, even professional skaters wear protective gear like this to avoid serious injuries. 

17. Wrist guards

Another place that needs protective gear is the wrists. Everyone instinctively braces with their hands during a fall and can injure their wrists. These guards are a cheaper alternative to a cast on a broken wrist. 

18. Shoe Goo 

Here’s another great tool for a better performance while skating. This shoe goo is something a skater loves to use and will love to receive as a gift!

19. Skate Wax 

Help the skater in your life take good care of their skateboard by getting them this skate wax. This is a small but practical gift that is sure to come in handy. This gift will make the perfect stocking stuffer.  

20. Penny Boards 

Another fun variation on the traditional skateboard is a penny board. They’re smaller than regular boards, but just as fun!

21. Electric Scooters

If someone you know likes skateboards, chances are they’ll also like scooters. This electric scooter is great for a fun time or an easy way to get somewhere nearby. 

22. Skateboard Wheels 

Experience skateboarders will tell you they go through a lot of wheels, and new wheels make a big difference. Get this awesome pair of wheels for serious skaters to use on their board.

23. Long Board Wheels 

If the skater in your life prefers a longboard, get them these longboard wheels as a gift. New wheels make a big difference, but they’re not cheap to get on your own. That’s why they make such a good choice for a gift.

24. Trucks

To go along with the wheels, a lot of skaters also need new trucks for their boards. Get them this pair, so they don’t have to buy new ones themselves. They do come in different sizes, so double check that you’re getting the right ones. 

25. Bones Reds Bearings

Another piece of equipment skateboarders commonly need are new bearings. These bones reds bearings are the most popular skateboard bearings out there, and make a great useful gift. These also make the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift if you’re looking for cheap gifts.

26. All-in-One Skate Tool 

To change out all these pieces like wheels and bearings, skaters need a special tool that they can carry with them. Get them this all-in-one skate tool that will do it all for them, and it’s convenient to carry with you.

27. Skateboard Helmet 

Safety is an important aspect of skateboarding, and a helmet is essential for skaters. Get them the best selling skateboard helmet as the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion.

28. Inline Skates 

Lots of skaters also like to try similar sports like snowboarding or rollerblading. Get them these high-quality in-line skates to try something new. That can also be used at the skate park.

29. Cargo Pants 

It’s important to have comfortable clothes while skateboarding for the flexibility. So get the skateboarder in your life this classic pair of stylish cargo pants to wear while skating.

30. Sweatpants 

Another great option for comfortable clothes for skating are sweatpants. Check out this awesome pair that skaters will love, and can wear all the time.

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31. Paint Pens 

One way that skaters like to customize their boards and gear is with paint pens. Give them this pack of colorful paint pens to use to customize whatever they want.

32. Thrasher Magazine 

Thrasher magazine has long been known as the ultimate magazine for skaters. Get them a subscription to this magazine so they can read all about what’s new in skating.

33. AirPods 

Here’s a great gift that skateboarders can use all the time. Get them AirPods to use while skating to wear under their helmet.

34. Wireless Headphones 

If you know the skater in life doesn’t like earbud type headphones, get them this pair of wireless over the head headphones. These are great for anyone who likes to listen to music on the go.

35. Hydro Flask 

Get your favorite skateboarder this high quality water bottle that’s highly rated amongst all athletes. This is an investment, but these water bottles are known to be worth it and last a very long time.

36. Stickers 

Skateboarders love to customize their boards and gear. One great way to do that is with these awesome skateboarding stickers. They can be used on skateboards, water, bottles, laptops, or anything else a skater uses often.

37. Skate Rack  

Check out this awesome practical gift to help skaters with multiple skateboards. This wooden skate rack can hold up to six boards, and it’s easy to fit in anyone’s home or garage.

38. Wall Rack 

Here’s another great way to store skateboards. Get them a wall rack, especially if the skater you know doesn’t have a lot of floor space. These are easy to install and sturdy enough for any type of board.

39. Skate Trainers 

If you’re shopping for a beginner or younger skater, consider getting them these skate trainers. These are designed by skateboarders to make learning tricks easier. They are great for anyone who is still learning

40. Underglow Lights 

Here’s a great way to customize your skateboard, and make it easier to skate at night. These underglow lights that attach to skateboard are awesome and come in various colors.

41. Santa Cruz Old School Board 

If you’re looking for a gift for the skater who has everything, try this unique old school board from Santa Cruz. The design is awesome, and the shape is a little different than regular skateboards. Skaters will love this new skateboard.

42. High-Density Oxford Cloth Bag 

This high density oxford cloth bag is specifically made to transport skateboards. This is a great gift for skaters who have to travel with their board, so the boards don’t get scratched, chipped, or broken.

43. Skateboard Backpack 

Get your favorite skater this cool skateboard backpack that will carry everything they need including their board. This is designed by skaters to make carrying a skateboard simple and easy. It will even fit a longboard.

44. Santa Cruz T-Shirt 

Santa Cruz is an iconic skating brand that makes all kinds of skating gear and skateboards, including apparel. So the skateboarder in your life would love to receive this t-shirt that’s great for skating.

45. Beanie 

One of the most common skating accessories are hats, especially ones like this beanie. Get them this popular brand that’s a favorite among skaters.

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46. Mug 

Check out this cool Santa Cruz mug for the coffee lovers who also are into skateboarding. This is a great practical gift, and the gift that skaters will get a lot of use from.

47. Sunglasses

There’s a lot of times that skateboarders are out in the sun, so sunglasses are a good gift idea. They can make a huge difference in visibility for skaters that do most of their skating outdoors. 

48. Wall Art 

Here’s a great gift option to help skaters decorate with their favorite hobby. These skateboarding wall art prints are great for any room.

49. Book of Skateboarding Tricks 

Help the skater in your life expand their skills with this classic book of skateboarding tricks. This book is easy to follow and has great illustrations. They’re sure to get a lot from it.

50. Vans Sweatshirt 

Every skater could use a basic sweatshirt like this for every day use. Vans is a favorite brand among skaters and makes high-quality clothes and shoes like this.

51. Vans Skate Shoes 

Get the skater in your life this iconic pair of vans. This is what most people think of if you say skate shoes, and there’s still one of the most popular shoes among skateboarders.

52. Vans Shoes 

Here’s another classic skate shoe that’s still super popular. These come in all different colors and patterns. Any skater would love to have these for skating or just everyday wear. 

53. High Top Sneakers 

Another great option for shoes for skaters is high top sneakers like these. Vans makes great shoes in general, but these are especially stylish and popular among skaters.

54. Ghost Skateboard T-shirt 

This ghost skating T-shirt is an awesome option if you’re looking for a simple gift that they’ll love and use all the time.

55. Tie Dye Shirt 

Or get them a long sleeve T-shirt to wear while skating from this popular skating brand. This one is stylish and comfortable.

56. Santa Cruz Hat

A Santa Cruz Hat makes an excellent gift for skateboarders as it not only shields them from the sun while riding but also showcases their passion for skateboarding with style. It’s a functional accessory that adds a touch of authenticity to their skate gear.

57. Types of Skateboards Shirt 

Skateboarders would appreciate a Types of Skateboards Shirt because it reflects their love for the sport. It’s a fashionable and informative gift that combines their passion and wardrobe.

58. Socks 

Socks may seem simple, but they are essential for skateboarders who spend hours on their boards. High-quality skateboarding socks provide comfort, support, and durability, making them a practical gift that keeps their feet cozy during intense skate sessions.

59. Sweatshirt 

A sweatshirt is an ideal gift for skateboarders as it keeps them warm during chilly skate sessions while also allowing them to represent their favorite skate brands. It’s a versatile and cozy addition to their wardrobe.

60. Skater Girl T-Shirt

For female skateboarders, a Skater Girl T-Shirt is an empowering gift that celebrates their presence in the skateboarding community. It promotes inclusivity and style, making it a great choice for women who love to shred.

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61. Tony Hawk Pro Video Game

The Tony Hawk Pro Video Game is a classic choice for skateboarders who enjoy gaming. It allows them to virtually experience the thrill of skateboarding and master incredible tricks, offering hours of entertainment.

62. Skate 3 Video Game

Skate 3 is another fantastic video game for skateboarders, known for its realistic skateboarding physics and immersive open-world environment. It lets them explore and skate to their heart’s content, making it a must-have for gaming enthusiasts.

63. Nintendo Switch 

A Nintendo Switch offers portability and versatility, making it a great gift for skateboarders who want to enjoy gaming on the go. They can play skateboarding games or other titles during breaks at the skate park or while traveling.

64. Skateboarding Patch 

Iron-on patches are a cool way for skateboarders to customize their clothing or gear. A skateboarding-themed patch adds a personal touch to their items, making them unique and stylish.

65. Skateboard Patch

A skateboard patch can be applied to a skateboarder’s backpack, jacket, or skateboard deck, showcasing their love for the sport. It’s a small but meaningful accessory that adds personality to their belongings.

66. Skateboarding Hat

A skateboarding hat not only protects skateboarders from the sun but also complements their skate style. It’s a practical and fashionable gift that can become a signature part of their skateboarding look.

67. Tillak Hat

Here’s another awesome hat option for skaters that’s a perfect addition for any hat collection that’s common among skaters. This is a different style, but one that’s popular with skaters. 

68. Skate Bearing Necklace

For guys and girls, this skate bearing necklace is super popular among all skaters. You could also try to make one yourself if you’re feeling crafty! 

69. Skateboard Necklace

​Here’s a fancier skateboard necklace that girls will love. It comes in sterling silver, gold, or rose gold. 

70. Penny Board Necklace

Or if the skater you’re shopping for prefers their penny board, get them this super cute necklace. It even comes with a customizable charm. 

71. Skateboard Sign

Help the skateboarder you knew decorate their space with awesome decor like this! This skateboarding sign is sure to be a big hit.

72. Skateboard Lamp Kit

Check out this ingenious kit that lets you turn an old (or new) favorite skateboard into a lamp! You can buy one alreay assembled, but this option is much cheaper. It’s also let’s you use a favorite board that you may not want to get rid of but can’t ride anymore. 

73. Skateboard Parking Only 

​Here’s another great home decor option for skaters. This will make a great Christmas or birthday present for anyone who’s really into skating. 

74. Neon Sign 

Try a trendy, fun neon sign for your favorite skater! You can even get this one personalized with a name on it. 

75. Funny Socks 

Check out this pair of funny skateboarding socks that makes a great small gift. Everyone will love these!

76. Skateboard Parking Block

Skaters like to use this type of parking block to keep their board upright and easy to grab when they need it. This will keep a skateboard secure and out of the way when you’re not using it. 

77. Thrasher T-Shirt

Thrasher is one of the biggest brands in skating, and this basic t-shirt is ultra popular. You can’t go wrong with this gift.

78. Skater Sculpture

Check out this awesome skater sculpture that’s perfect for any room. This one is even customizable and make a very thoughtful gift. 

79. Skating Keychain

Here’s the perfect small and simple gift for any skater in your life. This is something they can easily use for any set of keys or backpack. 

80. Skateboard Ring

 This awesome ring is actually made of recycled skateboards! 

81. Skateboard Coasters 

 Another great way to way old skateboards are these recycled skateboard coasters. Skaters would love to have these for their home or apartment. 

Choose from one of the best skateboard gifts on this gift guide, and the skater you’re shopping for will love it. 

Happy Shopping! 

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