50 Best Gift Ideas for a Man Recovering from Surgery (2023)

Going through and recovering from surgery or dealing with a extended recovery period can be a challenging time for anyone, and finding the perfect gift to offer comfort and support to a family member or friend in such a situation is a thoughtful gesture. Whether they’re confined to a hospital bed or recuperating at home, here’s a list of 50 great gift ideas to help speed up the recovery process and provide a warm and thoughtful gift during their difficult time.

An important note: make sure you know if they have any limitations following their surgery. Depending on the type of surgery, the man you’re shopping for may not be able to eat certain foods, use certain things, or move from bed. The last thing you want to do is get them something they can’t or shouldn’t use. 

graphic of best gift ideas for a man recovering from surgery

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1. Gift Basket

A well-curated gift basket can be the perfect way to show your support and care. You can either buy one that’s put together already or you can make your one with a few of the gifts on this list. The best get well gifts are the ones that are personal enough that the person knows you’re thinking of them. 

2. Cozy Blankets

Soft and warm blankets are an excellent choice for keeping the recovering patient comfortable. To personalize this great gift idea, get him a blanket of his favorite sports team or hobby that he will love to use at home, too. 

3. Lip Balm & Lotion Kit

Hospital air can be very drying. Lip balm and lotion are a thoughtful post-surgery gift that a man may not have thought to bring himself.

4. Puzzle Book 

Puzzle books provide entertainment and mental stimulation, especially for someone stuck in a chair or hospital bed for an extended amount of time. It’s always a good idea to gift them something that can be used in the hospital or at home like this. 

5. Streaming Service

One of the best ways to pass the time in recovery is watching your favorite show or movie. A gift card for a streaming service is a great way to keep them entertained during their hospital stay or recovery time.

6. Warm Blanket to Wear

A warm blanket can offer a warm hug when you can’t be there in person. And this one is perfect because it even has arms to use, so they’ll never get too cold.

7. Food Gift Card

A gift card to their favorite restaurant or store can be a great addition to their recovery period. They most likely won’t have the energy to cook. Consider getting them an UberEats gift card to have food delivered right to them. 

8. Good Book

A good book can transport them to another world during their recovery. Get them one of their favorite books or authors to help pass the time in recovery. 

9. Kindle

If a man close to you who’s undergoing surgery is an avid reader, get them a Kindle! This way they can hold thousands of books at once, and never run out of anything to read. 

10. Homemade Food 

Anyone recovering from surgery probably does not want to cook for themselves, but needs whole, healthy meals for a speedy recovery. Make them a delicious homemade meal! 

11. Fresh Fruits

Nutrient-rich fruits can aid in the healing process and provide a healthy snack. This is a good alternative to candy and unhealthy snacks that people often get after surgery.

12. Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are a great way to have a comforting, warm drink without any caffeine. Tea can help a recovery man relax and make a great addition to any surgery care package. 

13. Delicious Soup

Homemade or gourmet soups are an excellent choice for nourishment. Soup is pretty safe after most surgeries, and you can make or buy multiple containers they can freeze to use throughout the recovery process. 

14. Healthy Snacks

Nutritious snacks can provide energy and keep them fueled. Snacks are also nice to have in a hospital because the cafeteria is only open at certain times. 

15. Ice Cream

If they do have a limited diet after surgery, ice cream is usually a safe treat because of how soft it is. A small size of their favorite ice cream can be a sweet treat.

16. Back Scratcher

If you’re looking for practical gifts, a simple back scratcher is a great idea! After surgery, someone’s mobility is usually down. This gift will help them scratch that hard to reach itch when they can’t move their best. 

17. Cold Pack 

Cold therapy can be crucial post-surgery to relieve some of the pain. This cold pack is a useful gift that is a good option for any type of surgery.

18. Neck Pillow

A comfortable pillow can help ensure a good night’s sleep on those uncomfortable hospital beds or for people who can’t lay flat after surgery. This neck pillow is high quality and easy to adjust to you.

19. Coffee

With the main you’re shopping for is a coffee drinker get him some delicious coffee to enjoy. This is one of my favorite brands because of the high quality and great taste.

20. Duffle Bag

He’ll need something to carry all his stuff to and from the hospital. So get him this sturdy and easy to carry duffel bag. This is an extremely useful gift for someone having surgery, and something he can keep using long after. 

21. Warm Socks 

After any kind of surgery, it can be tough to keep your feet warm in a cold hospital room. These warm socks are great for anyone recovering and even have grips on the bottom to avoid falls.

22. Slippers

Another great way to keep your feet warm are these slippers! Get him a pair of comfortable and warm slippers to wear after surgery. This pair is easy to get on, and also has a solid grip on the bottom, so he won’t slip.

23. Compression Socks

As a medical professional, I can tell you  the hospital usually puts you in compression socks after surgery. But get him a more comfortable pair that he can also take home with him. You could even get them this funny pair

24. Sudoku Book 

If the man you know likes numbers, get him a Sudoku book to pass the time after surgery. This book comes with all levels of difficulty, and so many puzzles to complete. 

graphic of best gifts to help a man after surgery

25. Word Search 

If he’s more of a word person than a number person, get him this big book of word searches. This will also help pass the time. You could even get both. 

26. Deck of Cards 

A lot of times after surgery, the patient just has to sit in their hospital room while they heal. Get them something like a deck of cards so he can play single person games or games with people who come to visit. This will help the recovery time go faster and be more fun. 

27. Logic Game

If the man you’re shopping for does like brain puzzles or login games, try this fun single person circuit game. This is sure to pass a lot of time in the hospital, and it’s the kind of gift they can keep using. 

28. Shoe Horn 

Get him this handy tool that helps him put his shoes on, so he doesn’t have to bend over all the way. Your mobility after surgery is often lower, and this would be a great help.

29. Massage Gun

This is a useful gift to help with the sore muscles that come with sitting or laying down a lot. This mini version is easy for anyone to use and easy to carry with you. 

30. Robe

 After a successful surgery, the man you’re shopping for will just need time to recover and relax. Help him do that and stay warm in nice, soft robe like this one

31. Meal Delivery Service 

Here’s a practical and thoughtful gift that will keep being useful for a long time. The post-surgery recovery is a hard time to go out grocery shopping and preparing everything to cook meals. A meal service like Blue Apron or Home Chef delivers everything they need right to their door. 

32. Funny T-Shirt

Check out this funny shirt that’s perfect for a man after knee surgery. This will give him a good laugh to lift his spirits during the recovery process. 

33. Funny Candle

Try this funny get well gift that’s sure to lift a patient’s mood after surgery. Your male friend will get a kick out of funny gifts and can then use the candle at home to help relax as they recover. 

34. Heated Blanket

A soft blanket that’s also heated can provide comfort and warmth during recovery. This heated throw blanket can make a huge difference in keeping them comfortable. 

35. Seat Cushion 

comfortable cushion can be a great addition to their hospital bed or chairs they have to sit in post surgery. The best part is that this one can be moved and used anywhere. 

36. Grabber Reacher Tool 

Items like a reacher or grabber tool can help with limited mobility.Post-surgery gifts like this are a great choice because of how practical they are. 

37. Long Phone Charger

Among the best hospital gifts is a long phone charger because the outlets in hospital rooms are rarely in convenient places. With an extra long charger, you can still charge and use your phone while in a hospital bed. And you can use it at home to minimize the amount of times getting up. 

38. Charging Station 

If your male friend has other gadgets to charge, too, get this handy charging station. This way the multiple cords and devices will be right there and easy to find. 

39. Cancer Care Package 

This gift box is specially made for cancer patients who are undergoing chemo. This is an extremely difficult time in their life, and this gift lets them know you are thinking of them. 

40. Surgery Gift Box 

Consider this gift box too that’s for anyone having surgery. If you don’t want to put together one yourself, get one like this that already comes with everything you need.

41. Puzzles 

If the man you’re shopping for is out of the hospital, they’ll need something to do at home. Get them a puzzle of a topic they like to work out while they recover. Puzzles can be so much fun. and don’t take too much physical effort. 

42. Magazine Subscription

Here’s a meaningful gift that keeps on coming! Reading magazines are a great way to pass the time during recovery. Which magazine you order depends on personal preferences, but there’s something out there for everyone!

43. Doctor Visit Log

Check out this awesome doctor visit notebook that helps you log all of the information from visits. This will help him keep track of the many appointments, plans, and prescriptions. 

44. Transportation Services 

Offer to drive him to and from appointments and help get him where he needs to go. If you can’t do it yourself, you can also set up a service or Uber ride for him to use. 

45. Button Up Pajamas

There’s many times that men have to wear loose pants and shirts that don’t go over their head for post-surgery recovery. A nice pair of pajamas like this one are perfect and provide comfort, too.

46. Zipper Up Pants

Another great option for clothes after surgery are these zipper up pants. These are perfect for someone who has to check bandages and incisions on their legs.

47. Wedge Pillow

These cool orthopedic pillows help make them comfortable if they have to switch up sleeping positions after surgery. 

48. Weekly Pill Box

Help him get organized with all his medication after surgery. This pill box is easy to understand and great for keeping everything straight. 

49. Bathing Wipes

Try adding these handy bathing wipes as an extremely useful gift. These are awesome for when you can’t get up to shower or when you can’t get your surgery site wet. 

50. A Meaningful Card

The best get well gift ideas are ones that are personal and meaningful like a sweet message in a card. A nice card can go a long way to making people feel better. 

Remember, the best get-well gifts are those that show your love and support during a challenging time. These ideas offer a variety of options to suit any recovering man’s needs and preferences, making their journey to a successful recovery a bit easier and more comfortable.

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