81 Practical and Thoughtful Gifts for Nursing Moms (2024)

As a nursing mom, I understand the unique challenges and joys that come with breastfeeding and caring for a little one. It’s a rewarding but demanding journey, and the support and appreciation of our loved ones can make all the difference. When it comes to thoughtful gifts for nursing moms, there are countless options to choose from. 

From items that ease the nursing process to those that promote self-care and well-being, this gift guide can truly enhance the breastfeeding experience and make a nursing mom’s life more comfortable and fulfilling.

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Gifts to Celebrate New Moms

Whether this baby is a mom’s first or fifth baby, help them celebrate this new addition to their life. Get them the best gifts to celebrate being a mom and all the hard work, time, and energy it takes.

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1. Mama Sweatshirt 

Check out this super cute mama sweatshirt that new moms will love. After you have a baby, a sweatshirt like this is perfect to easily put on to take care of their new baby each day without too much effort. 

2. Hey Sleepy Baby Sweatshirt

Hey Sleepy Baby is one of my favorite influencers to follow for baby info. She makes postpartum so much less stressful with tons of great tips. She also makes the super cute sweatshirts and T-shirts.

3. Glass Cup 

Another great small business that makes merchandise for nursing moms is Blissful Mami Co (check out their Etsy shop!). Get her this awesome glass cup.

4. Breast Milk Jewelry

I didn’t even know this was a thing until I was nursing my son, but you can have breastmilk made into beautiful jewelry. This company will create a special piece just for your favorite nursing mom. Buy a gift card or coordinate with a nursing mom ahead of time to send some milk in. 

5. Mama T-Shirt 

Check out my go to t-shirt now that I’m a mom. This t-shirt is super cute, comfortable, and goes with anything. I wear mine all the time.

6. Mom Coffee Mug

Help your breastfeeding mom friend celebrate this time in her life with a new mom coffee mug. This one is super cute and goes great in a gift basket.

7. Mama Necklace 

Another way to celebrate being a mom is this adorable mama necklace. This one even comes in sterling silver, gold, or rose gold. 

8. Photo Shoot

To document this incredible time in a mom’s life and the tiny new addition, pay for a newborn baby photo shoot. Lots of photographers will even come to you to make it easier.

9. New Baby Frame

Moms with new babies are sure to take a lot of pictures and need somewhere to put them. Check out this super cute new baby frame that’s the perfect gift for any mom. 

10. Baby Initials

When my son was born, my in-laws got us his initials (like these) to help decorate the nursery. This is a super thoughtful and cute gift to help celebrate the new addition.

11. Baby Feet Necklace 

This adorable baby feet necklace is such a thoughtful gift for a nursing mama. You can even have the necklace customized with the baby’s name. 

12. New Mom Tumbler 

If you’re getting a gift for a new mom, check out this super cute tumbler! This one is customizable with the year she became a mother-a year she’ll never forget. 

13. Keepsake Letter Board

This fun letter board is a great way to celebrate and something that a mom can keep. 

14. Name Bracelets

Check out these cute name bracelets that you can get a nursing mom! These are stackable, so she can just keep adding on to them!

Gifts Just for Mom

So many gifts for new breastfeeding moms are geared towards the baby (which is also helpful), but it’s also nice to receive a gift just for the mom. Give her something for herself to help enjoy herself during this challenging but wonderful time.

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15. Streaming Service Gift Card

Nursing moms need some time to their self to just relax and watch their favorite TV shows or movies. Get her a gift card to a streaming service, so she can watch at home. 

16. Books

Get her one of her favorite books to read while she’s nursing. The breastfeeding mama will now have lots of time she has to be sitting, so she can use it to read. 

17. Kindle

If you’re shopping for an avid reader who is now nursing, a great gift idea is a Kindle. Now they can have a bunch of books available to them while nursing. Kindles are also lighter and easier to hold while nursing.

18. Audible Subscription

If the nursing mom you know likes to read, this audiobook subscription is a great idea while nursing. A lot of times it’s difficult to hold a book and nurse at the same time, so audiobooks are much easier. You can also take so many on the go with the subscription.

19. Cozy Blanket

To help them rest and relax during this time, get the nursing mom in your life a high-quality blanket. This gift lets her know that you’re thinking of her and want to help keep her comfortable on her breastfeeding journey.

20. Hair Oil 

Postpartum hair loss is a little bit shocking to most new moms, and it doesn’t get any better with consecutive babies. But this hair oil with rosemary is great to nourish your scalp and minimize the hair loss.

21. Hair Mask  

Another great way to take care of your hair when you feel like it’s all falling out is this high-quality hair mask. Moms can pamper themselves and help their hair.

22. Bath Bombs

These all-natural bath bombs are simple, awesome gifts to help nursing moms relax and pamper themselves. There’s lots of times I just wanted to sit in the bath after a full day of nursing my baby. The lavender essential oils and all natural ingredients will also help new mothers relax.

23. Wireless Headphones

Nursing moms feed their babies for what feels like hours. It’s nice to pass the time listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks with wireless headphones. These headphones I received as a gift are great and stay in well.

24. Button Down Pajamas

Button down pajamas are so convenient and comfortable for nursing during the night. I didn’t even own a pair of button down pajamas until after I had my first baby, but now I’ll never go back. This pair is so comfortable and soft.

25. Motherhood Affirmations 

Help her mental health as well with this awesome gift to help practice mindfulness. These affirmations are great for keeping you calm and grounded during this crazy time. 

26. Candle 

If you’re looking for funny or unique gifts for a breastfeeding mother, check out this hilarious but amazing candle. There’s even a bunch of different options for scents to choose from. 

27. Fuzzy Socks 

What mom doesn’t love a good pair of fuzzy socks? This is one of the easiest but most practical gifts on the list. 

Gifts to Help Make Mom’s Life Easier

Nursing a new baby is really a job in and of itself, so there’s not a lot of time for other things that need to get done around the house. Get her one (or more!) of these super helpful gifts that will make her life easier during this hectic time.

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28. Freezer Meals 

One of the biggest things that causes stress on nursing mothers (especially a first time mom) is cooking for her family. Cooking takes a lot of time, effort, and two free hands – all of which are hard to come by with a nursing baby. Cook her meals that she can freeze and use whenever she needs them.

29. Fruit or Veggie Tray

Having healthy snacks on hand like fruit or veggies is super helpful for moms. This is a great idea for them or if they have other children who can snack on it, too! 

30. Meal Delivery Service 

Another helpful way to provide food is get her a subscription to a meal delivery service. There are a ton of great options out there, but I really like this one. They have a lot of great options and make it super easy to customize what you want.

31. Food Delivery Gift Cards 

Or get her gift cards for food delivery. Uber eats, DoorDash, or GrubHub are all great options that will allow her to have food delivered right to the door.

32. Cleaning Service

Another chore that nursing moms don’t wanna do is cleaning the house. Get her a gift card or arrange for a cleaning service to come and do it for her. This was a lifesaver when I had a little baby and never wanted to clean anything.

33. Diaper Caddy 

This convenient and easy-to-carry diaper caddy is great for carrying everything that you need to nurse. You can even remove or change the compartments. I keep one next to my bed and one next to the couch.

34. Lactation Cookbook

After I started nursing, I discovered there’s whole cookbooks to help boost milk supply. I really like the recipes in this lactation cookbook, and I found them really helpful. This is a great option if the mom you know likes to bake or cook.

35. Protein Powder

When you’re breastfeeding, it’s important to keep your protein intake up, and one of the easy ways to do this is making smoothies or drinks with protein powder. This is a good quality protein powder I like in vanilla but the chocolate is good, too.

36. Snacks 

Like most new moms, I was shocked by how hungry I got from breastfeeding, especially in the early days of breastfeeding. So gift new moms some snacks to keep by their bed or nursing stations. Think of snacks that are filling and easy to grab like granola bars, nuts, or protein bars.

37. Massage Gun 

Getting used to nursing a baby can leave your shoulders and back sore from the posture you have to hold. A massage gun like this one is a great way to help relax and get out all those knots.

38. Herbal Tea

Help your favorite nursing mom relax with a yummy and warm drink. This herbal tea tastes great and is also great for you.

39. Coffee

Nursing moms need an occasion caffeine pick me up, or decaf coffee to relax. My absolute favorite delicious and clean coffee is Purity coffee! They have so many great options. 

40. Spa Gift Certificate

Here’s a great idea to pamper nursing moms! Get her a gift certificate, so that she can go get a massage, a facial, or a manicure depending on the spa.  

Gifts to Take Care of Mom 

While the nursing mom is taking care of a baby, get her a gift to help take care of her. Check out all these great ideas to help take care of nursing moms.

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41. Water Bottle 

When you’re breastfeeding a baby, keeping your water intake up is so important. Get her this water bottle that holds a lot of water and is easy to carry around.

42. Electrolytes

It’s also important to keep your electrolyte intake up for making breastmilk. These awesome electrolyte packets help to keep you and the baby hydrated. They also taste delicious and have no added sugar.

43. Lip Balm 

When you’re breastfeeding, everything starts to feel dry. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I had to use tons of lotion and lip balm. This is a great small and practical gift for nursing moms that can make a huge difference.

44. Nursing Tank Tops

My husband got me this pack of nursing tank tops that are so convenient. They’re great for summer or to wear under sweaters in winter. They’re also extra roomy for when your body’s going through a transition.

45. Nursing Sweatshirt

When I was nursing in the winter, I lived in nursing sweatshirts. They’re so convenient to not have to take off layers.

46. Nursing Bra 

As a nursing mother, you can never have too many nursing bras. They get full of milk so easily. This brand makes high quality, comfortable nursing bras that also last a long time.

47. Slippers

Help your nursing mom friend or family member stay warm and relaxed with this cozy pair of slippers. They come in all different colors, and are a great addition to a gift basket.

48. Robe

Another way to stay warm and cozy while having easy access to breastfeeding is a robe like this one. It’s fuzzy, comfortable, and warm.

49. Long Charger

One thing I had to buy myself after I started nursing as a new mama was a longer phone charger. I bought this one so that I would reach all the way to my nursing spot even if I had to adjust positions.

50. Face Masks

Help the new mom in your life take care of herself with a relaxing face mask. This one is great for your skin with awesome ingredients, and it smells so nice.

51. Eye Mask

Moms who are nursing are sure to be a little tired. Get her these cooling eye masks that are great for after a long night with the baby.

52. Lotion

Because of how much fluid goes to making breastmilk, a lot of nursing moms say their skin gets dry. A perfect gift to help moms is this awesome body lotion set.

53. Hot and Cold Pack 

heating and cold pack is an excellent gift for postpartum moms to help with recovery. It’s also a great tool to have for clogged ducks.

Breastfeeding Gifts

A great option for nursing moms are tools to help with breastfeeding. Put together the best breastfeeding gift basket with a few items from this list of gifts. 

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54. Nipple Cream

This is a must have for me and many moms for nursing, especially at the beginning with newborns. This nipple cream works wonders and is super safe for your baby.

55. Breastfeeding Pillow

Grab this awesome Boppy nursing pillow to help hold the baby while they eat. This cuts down on a lot of uncomfortable positions and sore muscles.

56. Nursing cover

Another tool a lot of nursing moms use is a nursing cover. If you do use a cover, you can always use more than one in case you forget or get one dirty. This is the kind I like to use because it offers your full coverage and can also be used as a car seat cover.

57. Breast Milk Chiller

If the nursing mom you’re shopping for is going to pump at any time, get them this amazing thermos for milk. This will keep milk cold for hours for pumping moms on the go. These are even made to attach directly to pump parts. 

58. Manual Pump

Lots of mom’s get an electric pump, but it’s also nice to have this hand pump on hand for when you need it. This one works so well, and I almost like using it better than my electric one.

59. Lactation Cookies

Here’s a great snack for nursing moms that’s also easy to take with you on the go. These taste great and also help boost milk production.

60. Reminder Bracelet 

Even for a veteran nursing mom, it can be hard to remember which side you last nursed on. These reminder bracelets are a great idea to help keep track. They are super cute and easy to move from side to side.

61. Reusable Breast Pads

For me, nursing pads are a must, especially at the beginning as my body adjusts to the nursing schedule. These reusable nursing pads are great and, then you don’t have to keep rebuying them.

62. Breast Pump Bag

For the amazing working mom, get her a bag for her pump and all the pump parts. I can tell you first hand that it’s so much to lug around with you, and this bag makes it so much easier. Everything fits, and there’s even a cooler compartment for the pumped milk.

63. Lactation Consult 

If you’re shopping for a new mom or a mom you know is having some trouble with breastfeeding, pay for them to see a lactation consultant. Unfortunately, a lot of moms could benefit from this but can’t afford it. Lactation consultant are amazing and can help with so much.

64. Haaka

This silicone breast pump is honestly a lifesaver, and a great tool to have on hand for nursing moms. This is great for catching milk on the side you’re not nursing on. I’ve saved so much milk this way.

65. Lady Bug Collector 

Another simple way to collect extra milk are these lady bug collectors that sit in your bra. You don’t even have to think about it, and they’ll collect the extra milk you leak throughout the day.

66. Lactation Massager 

Stubborn clogged ducts are such a pain and can easily create worse problems. This handy lactation massager is the perfect tool for getting them out quickly and easily.  

67. Nipple Shields

Nursing a baby is no easy task and does a number to your body. My breastfeeding pals swear by these nipple shields if you have dry, cracked, or chapped nipples from nursing.  

Gifts to Help with the Baby 

More of the best gift ideas for nursing moms are things to help with the baby! It’s a good option to check a mom’s baby registry to see if there’s any baby gifts that weren’t bought for the baby shower. 

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68. Rocking Chair

The amount of time you spend sitting nursing a baby is honestly shocking. So get the nursing mom in your life a comfortable rocking chair to do that in. It’s worth the investment, and this one is super comfortable.

69. Dimmable Nightlight 

For the middle of the night nursing sessions, this simple dimmable nightlight is a lifesaver. It’s handy to have from the first night in the hospital all the way up until your baby is sleeping through the night.

70. Sound Machine 

Another helpful baby product that lots of moms like is this sound machine. This sound machine is great because you can take it with you and clip it to a stroller, diaper bag, or car seat.

71. Diaper Delivery 

One of the great services out there nowadays is diapers being delivered to your house. This saves on so many trips to the store, and makes life so much easier for moms. We use the Hello Bello delivery service (and if you use this affiliate link you get 20% off!). That’s so easy for me and comes with great diapers.

72. Babysit the Kids

If you’re looking for a gift for a mom of a newborn and older kids, offer to babysit the older kids. A newborn is hard enough, but what makes it extra hard is having other kids to take care of too. Watching the older kids for just a few hours is a big help to nursing moms.

73. Burp Clothes

Most babies spit up, spill milk, or just make a mess all the time. That’s why moms can never have too many burp cloths. These ones are super absorbent and easy to clean.

74. Cloth Baby Wrap

Baby wraps like this one make life so much easier with a nursing baby who doesn’t wanna leave mom. This is the baby wrap I used until my kids outgrow it, but it’s comfortable and easy to put on. This allows moms to have two free hands while also holding her baby. 

75. Baby Carrier 

For bigger babies, the more structured baby carriers are a lifesaver when you have to get things done or walk with a baby. This one is amazing and high-quality. A lot of times you can find these secondhand online for a lower price. 

76. Baby Soap 

Check out this all natural shampoo and body wash for babies that’s good for their skin and a great gift to give. This is safe for any age baby. 

77. Baby Lotion

Pipette also makes an awesome lotion for babies that’s safe for sensitive skin. This one also smells great and has great ingredients. 

78. Baby Books 

Moms can never have too many books for their kids including their babies. Get some classic and fun board books for the new mom and baby. 

79. Course to Help Baby Sleep

Baby sleep is one of the most stressful parts for new parents, but there’s resources out there to help. This course from Hey Sleepy Baby that we used for my son was incredibly helpful, easy to follow, and worth the money. The course is all about gently supporting your baby with no upsetting crying it out for the little one.

80. All-Purpose Balm 

This stuff is amazing for all the problems that arise in baby skin. From diaper rash to dry skin to drool rash, this balm is great for everything and free of harmful ingredients. 

81. Your Love and Support!

Nursing a baby, especially the first time around, is so amazing but also so draining and hard. Love and support on the nursing moms in your life with words of encouragement, notes, signs, and gifts letting her know how amazing she is! And ask her how you can support her even more! 

In the beautiful and often demanding journey of nursing, the best gifts are those that show understanding, support, and love for the nursing mom in your life. Whether it’s a practical gift that makes breastfeeding easier or a self-care treat that helps her recharge, these thoughtful gestures go a long way in acknowledging her incredible dedication and hard work. As a nursing mom, I can attest to the significance of such gifts, and I hope this guide has provided you with some inspiration for finding the perfect gift to celebrate and honor the nursing mom in your life.

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