44 of the Best Engineer Gift Ideas They’ll Love (2024)

Are you looking for the perfect gift for an engineer in your life? Look through my list of the perfect gifts for any type of engineer!

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1. Desk Organizer

Help the engineer in your life get organized for their many engineering projects going on. This desk organizer is a great practical gift.

2. Engineer Name Mug 

Another great gift that they’ll use a lot is this personalized mug. Most of the engineers I know run on caffeine, so this mug is one of the great gift ideas that they can continuously use. 

3. Engineering Blanket 

If you’re looking for a cozy gift, look no further than this awesome blanket. This is a great way to get them a gift that celebrates their career that they can use at home. 

4. Luxury Pen

Spoil the engineer friend or family in your life with this amazing pen! This in one of the cool gifts that engineers are sure to appreciate. 

5. Data Or It Didn’t Happen Cup 

A huge part of what engineers do relies on data. Get them this funny cup as a gift and give them a good laugh.

6. Flashlight Gloves 

Check out these awesome work gloves with attached lights that are the perfect present for anyone who regularly works with their hands. Engineers will be using this gift for a long time to come. 

7. Personalized Portfolio

Check out this sweet personalized portfolio for the professional engineer in your life. This is a thoughtful gift that they can also use a lot.

8. The Pocket Engineer 

Try this pocket engineering tool that was specifically designed for engineers. This is a gift they can carry with them to make your life easier.

golden wrenches and bolts

9. Engineering Notebook 

Engineers also go through a lot of notebooks for their work. Get them this notebook that they can use on a daily basis. Notebooks are such useful gifts for engineers!

10. Reusable Notebook 

Or get them a reusable notebook they can keep using. This one is pretty affordable, and still let’s them scan their pages to a computer.

11. Science Calendar

Here’s a great small gift idea or the perfect stocking stuffer. This science calendar is awesome for any engineer.

12. Mechanical Engineer T-Shirt 

If you’re shopping for a mechanical engineer in your life, try this funny engineer t-shirt just for them!

13. Aerospace Engineer T-Shirt

This t-shirt is perfect if you’re looking for an aerospace engineer!

14. Engineer Ornament 

Here’s another great Christmas present or stocking stuffer. This engineering ornament will make a great addition to the Christmas tree, no matter the type of engineer. 

15. Audio Engineer Ornament

We can’t forget all the audio engineers out there! Get them a personalized ornament for their Christmas tree.

16. Civil Engineering T-Shirt

Here’s the ideal gift for all the amazing civil engineers. This T-shirt is just for them.

17. Multitool Pen Set

Here’s another great tool that your favorite engineer can use in their everyday life. This gift is something they’ll really appreciate.

18. Engineering Tumbler 

Lots of engineers run on coffee, so get them this cool engineering tumbler. It’s a great option because it’s easy to carry to and from work or use at home.

19. Vintage Nikola Tesla Prints

Here’s a great idea for engineers to decorate their home or office. These vintage Tesla patent prints a favorite amongst engineers.

20. Engineering Students T-Shirt 

If you’re shopping for future engineers, check out this fun T-shirt. For all the young engineers in the making, this makes a great addition to their birthday, Christmas, or graduation gift. 

21. Women Engineer Notebook 

Shout out to all the amazing female engineers out there! Get her this awesome notebook as the perfect gift that even comes in a variety of colors.

22. Circuit Board Game 

Who knew there’s a whole board game based on circuits? This is the perfect game for an engineer, especially if they can play with fellow engineers.

23. Funny Water Bottle 

Get your favorite engineer this funny water bottle to use at home or at work.

24. Fidget Cube

These fidget cubes are awesome for keeping your hands busy. Similar to a fidget spinner, these cubes are addicting.

25. Chemical Engineer T-Shirt

Here’s a great gift for all the chemical engineers out there!

26. Computer Engineer Mug 

Check out this funny mug that computer engineers will love! It may go over my head, but they’ll love it.

27. Engineering Keychain

Here’s a great small gift or stocking stuffer for engineers. This keychain is awesome for any engineer in your life.

hands writing on blueprints

28. Sound Engineer T-Shirt 

We can’t forget all the awesome sound engineers out there! Give them this funny T-shirt for their birthday, Christmas, or any special occasion.

29. Wooden Puzzle Box

Here’s a fun gift for engineers. Have them put their logical, puzzle-solving mind to work with this fun wooden puzzle box.

30. Business Cards

Consider getting him or her some new business cards! There’s tons of designs to choose from for a clean professional look.

31. Personalized Wallet

new leather wallet is a great gift for all the men in your life. And this one is personalized for engineers.

32. Software Engineer Notebook

For all the software engineers out there, get them this personal notebook. Engineers go through a lot of paper and notebooks, so this is a perfect gift for them.

33. Engineering Socks

Funny socks like these are always a good gift, and they make the perfect stocking stuffer. Engineers will love them!

34. Circuit Board Coasters

What better way to decorate their home or office than with these circuitboard coasters. These are a fun way to incorporate engineering in their gift.

35. Math Clock 

This awesome math clock is a perfect, unique gift for engineers. After doing years of math in school, they’ll appreciate this clock.

36. Star Wars Mug 

For all the engineers that are also Star Wars fans, this mug is the perfect gift.

37. Engineering Bracelet 

Check out this engineering bracelet for the amazing female engineer in your life.

38. Wheel Necklace 

Here’s a super cute necklace for engineers. This is a small and stylish gift for any occasion.

39. Mechanical Engineer Sign 

This fun engineering sign is a cool present any mechanic engineer will love! For all the awesome mechanical engineers out there, the sign is a great addition to their home or office. 

40. Robot Arm DIY Kit 

Try this DIY kit for engineers to build their own robotic arm! This is the perfect gift idea for engineers that also love building things in their spare time. 

41. Mechanical Pencils

Here’s a simple, but very practical gift for any kind of engineer. This is a gift that they are sure to use. 

42. Custom Bobble Head

Check out this fun and personal gift! You can get them a bobble head of themselves, dressed as an engineer of course! 

43. Engineering Magnets

This website has a ton of fun magnets for engineers like this one! They have a ton of awesome ones to choose from. 

44. Engineering Stickers 

In addition to magnets, you can get them stickers to decorate their gear like laptops, mugs, or helmets! Check out all the great ones here.

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The engineer in your life will love any of these excellent gift ideas, especially if it’s from you! 

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